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Terms & Conditions

White Light Events Ltd - Company number 15291888

Registered Company Address:  2A Park Corner, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3DF

From here within White Light Events Ltd (the Organiser) shall be referred to as WLE.

Stall holders shall be referred to as the Exhibitor.

 (1) Bookings

 1. Bookings are accepted on the basis of the description of products & services outlined on the booking form. Any deviation from the description must be with the approval and agreement of WLE. WLE reserves the right to ask the exhibitor to remove any items on display which have not been declared previously on the booking form or agreed with WLE prior to the Event.

2. Exhibition stands will be allocated by WLE in the interest of ensuring a well-balanced event and the requirements of any Covid 19 provision assessments.

3. Subletting or sharing a stand is not permitted unless with the approval and agreement of WLE at the time of booking: in the case of readers only 1 reader is permitted per reader stand: if an exhibitor requires a stand for retail & space for a reader then a reader/retail stand must be booked. The number of readers will be limited in the spirit of fairness to all.

4. WLE reserves the right to refuse any exhibitor without giving reason.

5. Candles or any naked flames are not to be lit on any stand. The burning of incense is also prohibited.

6. No extensions or widening of stands is permitted – if a larger stand is required then this must be stated on the booking form: likewise, if a stand has a pull up display or banner then this must be declared at the time of booking. Charges may be made to the exhibitor if they go out of the paid for space.

7. No posters are to be attached to the fabric of the building by drawing pins, sticky tape or similar – blue tack is permitted with great care; any damage charged for by the venue will be passed on to the exhibitor. If in doubt, check with WLE staff.

8. Consideration should be given to fellow exhibitors and visitors in respect of playing music and stand display lighting.

9. WLE reserves the right to instruct an exhibitor to reposition their stand if upon inspection an issue is deemed possible with health and safety regulations or any Covid-19 requirements.

10. The exhibitor agrees to follow any Covid-19 rules and regulations, set out by the government, whilst within the event grounds at all times.


(2) Payments – Rolling Deposit Scheme


1. The price of the stand is outlined on the booking form for each event. An initial deposit of £50 for all exhibitors is required at the time of booking to secure a stand: deposits are non-refundable unless an event is cancelled by WLE. This deposit is a rolling deposit.

2. An invoice will be issued 8 weeks before each event and payment for that event must be made in full for the stand(s), and this is due no later than 6 weeks before each approaching event. Payment details will be on your invoice. Payment should be made by PayPal or BACS. Should you have reason to cancel your stand without the required 6 weeks’ notice then the deposit will be forfeited. Nonattendance at an event without payment will also need to be paid for in full if no cancellation has been made, in writing, with more than 6 week’s notice.

3. The deposit will then become the deposit for the next show booked. This will continue for all shows that are booked with us.

4. For the final event of the year you may use your deposit, or you may choose to roll your deposit forward to the following year. Any bookings for the following year will automatically roll the deposit over.

5. 6 week’s notice must be given for cancellations. Stands cancelled with less than 6 weeks to go will still be required to be paid for in full.

6. If the event is cancelled due to covid-19 restrictions prior to an event and you have paid, then you will either be refunded, or your monies transferred to another event.

7. If WLE have NOT received payment or any form of communication from an exhibitor 4weeks before an event, Your place on the event is at risk of being offered to the waiting list.

8. Price listed on booking form is inclusive of VAT at the current rate of 20%

(3) Readers

 1. Reader stands are limited at each event; therefore, you must clearly state on your booking form if you wish to perform readings from your stand. If you do not state this on your booking form you will not be allowed to conduct readings on your stand.

2. Appropriate disclaimers are required to be on clear display at each reader stand.

3. WLE definition of Readers includes, but is not limited to: – Clairvoyants, mediums, psychics, Aura photographers, psychic artists, card readers.

4. No readings to any persons under the age of 18 will be permitted. If you are in doubt, please ask for proof of age.

5. WLE insist that all readers charge a minimum of £35 per reading. WLE are aware of readers that are charging small amounts for readings at events, and this is unfair to other readers. WLE want every reader to have a fair shot at earning at our events and we need to ensure there is a level playing field. WLE now require all readers to have a sign that clearly states their price on their table. If any reader is found to be offering readings at below the price of £35 then they will lose their place on WLE events.

6. If under Covid -19 rules, appointment sheets should not be handled by the public. You are welcome to have a sheet on your table, but it must clearly state that the public can not handle / fill in the sheet. Appointments must be made verbally or via text message to yourself. Reader then updates the appointment sheet yourself.

7. Readers are to follow any Covid-19 guidance set out for the beauty trade. Readers are in close contact with the public and therefore require the same level of PPE protection.

(4) Setting up & Closing down


(4.1) All Events


1. Set up details will be emailed to exhibitors 2-3weeks before each event.

2. When unloaded please move your vehicle away from the unloading area.

3. Be mindful of others around you when setting up. Do not block walkways with boxes, bags or trollies. Always ensure that others can pass you whilst keeping a social distance of 1mtr.

4. WLE reserves the right to ask you to move boxes etc… if walkways are blocked.

5. Stands must be ready by 9.45am of the opening day and all aisles must be clear, to enable the event to open at 10am. Failure to do so delays WLE final checks & puts the public at risk of accident.

6. No exhibitor is to clear away before the advertised end time of an event. There are a lot of exhibitors who respect this but there are also many that don't. It is unfair to exhibitors around you when you are clearing away, especially if there is somebody having a reading or therapy nearby. Visitors paying to enter an event expect to be able to purchase items up till the advertised time, which with WLE is always 5pm. When the show is being packed away a visitor feels like they have to rush, and they tend to leave the building. That leads to lost sales and is unfair to your fellow exhibitor. Moving around the exhibition hall with boxes, trolly’s, whilst the public is still in attendance invalidates the exhibitor’s public liability insurance.

7. Only bring your car to the loading doors when your stand is fully packed down and your ready to load out. Cars need to be moved from the doors as soon as possible.


(5) Insurances, Health & Safety, Security

1. It is the responsibility of every exhibitor & speaker to be aware of any current change in legislation that affects their activities & to comply with such legislation.

2. WLE require copies of Insurance before an exhibitor can set up at an event. No exhibitor will be permitted to trade without current and sufficient insurance.

3. WLE have taken every precaution to ensure a safe & secure environment for the Event, it is the responsibility of each exhibitor to make sure that they have their own insurance to cover their goods & services as required by law. Exhibitors should have a minimum of £1 million Public Liability insurance & a minimum of £1 million professional indemnity for any products & treatments given. No responsibility will be accepted by WLE for claims made against any products, services or treatments, or for any loss or damage to exhibitor’s stock or equipment. Copies of current Insurance Certificates must be submitted to WLE once a booking form has been sent.


4. WLE make every effort to ensure that all venues are safe and secure overnight, but no responsibility will be accepted by us or the venue for exhibitors’ stock or equipment. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that all monies, phones, card readers, laptops are removed from the venue overnight.

5. Readers, psychic mediums, psychic counsellors, psychic artists, aura photographers and spiritual therapists should have the appropriate professional indemnity insurance & appropriate disclaimer & send a copy of each with their bookings. It is also recommended that all readings be recorded for the professional care of the Visitor/Client & the Reader/Medium.

6. All exhibitors electrical equipment over 1 year old requires a PAT test certificate and be in good working condition. Please have the certificates to hand if WLE or venue staff asks to see them. WLE has the right to refuse the use of any electrical equipment which we see as not fit for use and would be a hazard to fellow exhibitors, visitors and the venues electrical system.

7. Exhibitors who require power must bring an extension lead (min 10mtr). If Exhibitor stands are placed on an “island” WLE will provide electricity to the middle of the “island”.  Exhibitors must not cross walkways with cables or place cables across other exhibitors stands. We will ensure that everybody has access to electricity, and we do not charge extra for this.

8. The boundaries of the stand are the limit & extent for each exhibitor: no goods, furniture or storage items are permitted to block aisles, doorways or fire escapes.

9. All exhibitors should act with consideration & respect for other exhibitors, visitors & the WLE team at all times: no activity should be disturbing or intrusive to others.

10. All exhibitors should follow guidance given out by WLE. There is a considerable amount of work to make the events safe for everyone. We have extensive event plans in place which need to be followed.

(6) Risk Assessments

 1. All exhibitors will be sent a risk assessment form. We require both back before you can exhibit with WLE. This is a legal requirement of our insurance company. Failure to comply will result in delays in being able to set up.

(7) Leaflets and advertising

1. Leaflets: We will have an area for exhibitors to be able to place information and leaflets. (Under Covid-19 conditions, we will be unable to provide such an area.) 


2. WLE asks that all exhibitors help advertise the event(s) they are attending. Share social media event pages, links to WLE website.



(8) Talks, Demonstrations and Workshops

 1. All talks, workshops and demonstrations are presented free of charge to the public at most of WLE events. These are a fantastic way for you to promote your activities, services and products. We view these workshops as a great way of informing the public about the various therapies and services that are available to them. We are extremely grateful to anyone who takes the time to put on a demonstration at our events.

2. If you would like to present a talk/workshop/demonstration then please indicate on the booking form and please give as much detail as possible to content and how long your talk will be for.

3. In the event of high demand for talks WLE will allocate talks at our discretion.

4. If you wish to hold a talk at WLE events we ask that you give us 2 to 3 options per year. We also ask that these talks are not talks that are available to watch on social media. We need to offer our visitors reasons to visits our events and we are finding that our talk schedules are looking very similar. We will give priority to talks that have not been used before.

5. All presenters of talks will be required to use WLE PA system. WLE staff will operate the equipment.

6. If a presenter needs any further technical requirements, then WLE needs to be informed on the booking form. i.e., Projector, flip chart etc.

7. Talks are to be a max of 40mins in length. This is an absolute maximum. WLE staff need to do certain checks, cleaning between talks and need time to achieve this.

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