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Talks & Workshops Host 2024

We are looking for people to host workshops and lead talks for us at our events. We already have a number of our exhibitors who provide this for us but we supplement these with guest speakers/leaders. We have positions available on all our larger events in 2024.  We offer all visitors the opportunity to attend our talks/workshops free of charge, included in entry price, we therefore do NOT pay guest speakers or hosts. If speakers/ hosts have products or books to sell, we offer the use of a "hot" table for a duration after the workshop/talk has finished.

Our talks are well attended. Our larger events, Elsecar, Derby, Manchester,  can easily have full talks areas. For these events we always ensure that the minimum number of seats is 135.  We provide technical support for all talks and workshops, radio mics, MP3, CD playback, video playback on screens, power point presentations.

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