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Matlock Mind Body Spirit Event

Sat 3rd February 2024

10am - 5pm

Adult £4.00
Concession £3.50
Child (Under 16) Free

Matlock Imperial Rooms
Imperial Road

Get your event tickets here. Our larger events have a dedicated fast track entry line, so save time getting in to the fantastic events.

Talks & Workshop Schedule

Our Talks and workshops are free to attend (included in entry price), simply arrive at the time of your chosen talk and find a free seat.

Talks room

Saturday 3rd Feb

10.30am – The Hemp Man – The magic of Medicinal Mushrooms

In this talk, we’ll explore the fascinating world of medicinal mushroom and their potential to support our health and well being. From ancient Chinese medicine to modern scientific research, we’ll delve into the properties of different mushroom species and their benefits for the immune system, brain function and beyond. We’ll also discuss how mushrooms can be incorporated into daily life and rituals, and how they complement other holistic practices such as crystal healing, tarot reading and frequency therapy. Whether you’re a seasoned mycophile or simply curious about natural remedies, this talk will inspire you to tap into the magic of the fungi kingdom.

11.15am – Adeles Crystals – Protection with Crystals

We are going to talk about 2 crystals we can use to protect ourselves from negativity of the world around us, how they help ground and focus our energy so we can stay protected. We shall also be holding a manifestation using the crystals within the talk as well.

12.00pm – John Richardson – Activate the Relaxation Response

In this talk John will show you how to activate The Relaxation Response to lower blood pressure and protect yourself from Heart attacks and Strokes... The product of constant stress. John himself has been a Stage Hypnotist and Holistic Hypnotherapist for many years, treating clients with Emotional, Anxiety, and Nervous Disorders: Fears Phobias and Panic Attacks... which are just a few of the symptoms that respond well to good hypnotherapy practice... and the importance of relaxation in our everyday life... along with his usual informative facts, anecdotes, and fun which accompany all his MBS talks.

12.45pm – Amy Elizabeth – The Positivity Pack

Join healer, spiritual trailblazer, medium and 6 times mindset & well-being author Amy Elizabeth, as she helps us raise our vibration, awareness and consciousness. Amy Elizabeth brings you unbridled  levels of energy and passion to help you unlock your full potential, understand who you are and what makes your heart sing - helping you to live a joyful life, thinking more deeply and growing fully into your best self way beyond the 3D.                              

2.00pm – Rebecca Stretton – Mediumship Demonstration

Join Rebecca as she brings you this fascinating display of mediumship, passing you messages from loved ones.

2.45pm – Mel Foot – Essential Oils, Natures Natural Healers

Essential Oils have been around for thousands of years so why don’t people understand what they are and what uses they have in our daily lives. In my talk I will explain the uses of Essential Oils, the Do’s and Dont’s, and how they have helped me overcome my issues plus which oils help with mental health, anxiety, depression sleep and more. Find out what oils help with inflammation and pain and how best to use them.

Essential Oils are becoming more popular as an alternative to mainstream drugs, especially since Covid. Most people who listen to my talk have felt the benefits of using Essential Oils so maybe you can to!

3.30pm - Brenda Diskin - Mediumship

Join me as I tell you my journey into mediumship. I’ll also give you a demonstration of my mediumship skills, bringing you messages, love and guidance.

4.15pm – Svahj Wellbeing – The importance of physical and spiritual health.

Living in a world of unprecedented conflict and change we are faced with questions around all aspects of our existence. People of the day are in a state of distress both within and from the outer world. We are facing challenges in our relationships, our health and our environment. Old structures in society are crumbling and a new paradigm is emerging. People are waking up to the realisation that there is very little lasting comfort from their external environment and are turning within to look for peace and contentment bringing about an awakening and acceptance of ancient knowledge and spiritual powers. Learn how we help you benefit from physical and spiritual harmony to gain optimal wellbeing through our Alternative Therapies and the Mystical powers of a supernatural human. Join us for a magical experience and benefit from the energy in the room.

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