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Milton Keynes Mind Body Spirit Event
Milton Keynes Mind Body Spirit Event

Sat, 21 Sept


Trinity Centre

Milton Keynes Mind Body Spirit Event

This is our second visit to Milton Keynes with our Mind Body and Spirit Event.

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Time & Location

21 Sept 2019, 10:00 – 17:00

Trinity Centre, Fishermead Boulevard, Fishermead, Milton Keynes MK6 2LA, UK

About the event

Milton Keynes Talks



How to mend a broken heart...    What would it mean to you to be happy? What are you still searching for? Why   can't you find love?    How do you keep love when you find it? Join Soulpreneur (TM) Stephanie J.   King to find answers to    take you towards your love goals....



Paul - Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Acupressureist   Paul will be doing a a guided meditation. To create healing of the physical   mental and emotional self. Relax whilst he takes you on a journey of healing.   Enjoy the time to recharge and relax your mind and body. Awake feeling   refreshed and ready to continue your day.



Alison Dean - The Rune workshop - Runes are like learning a   language and takes time to learn so I want to start your journey with runes.   The first thing is to: • learn how to say all 24 Futhark – It’s important to   be able to pronounce each rune correctly. • learn method of meditation- you   need to become familiar with each rune and meditation is the best way. •   Learn one meaning for each rune- There are so many meanings for each rune   depending on where they become placed, so you start with one generic meaning.   • Learn methods of divination- Divination can be done in different way and we   will explore different methods.



Sandi – Joy - Dowsing from Ancient times to Modern Day what is   dowsing and how it has been used through the ages? The different forms of   dowsing and how i use it in my holistic healing, intuitive readings, how to   find lost objects and also to do house cleansing? You will have the   opportunity to have a go with divining rods, pendulums and also a traditional   wooden dowsing or witching stick.



Egyptian Light Therapy and Healing 

A therapy designed to help individuals to reach deep meditative states   in minutes. Whilst promoting self healing and releasing DMT from pineal   activation. Different settings can cater to the personal needs of the   individual. If you're suffering from insomnia, the delta program helps you   reach deep sleep states. If you're suffering depression or just feel low in   general. The DMT setting is designed to make you feel happy and fully   energised. If you're suffering negative lower energies in term of your   feelings, then the Emotional detox setting will help you purge. There are   also advanced settings that can bring on out of body journeys. Most people   see incredible third eye visuals. From kaleidoscopic colours to seeing   geometric shapes.



India Jo—Mediumship Demonstration



John Richardson - hypnosis: past life regression and invoking   the power of the mind to heal... John's fascinating demonstration shows you   why hypnosis is nothing to fear! John Richardson has been a professional   stage and clinical hypnotherapist for many years and his talks and   demonstrations are packed with information and fun... Yes fun! You will soon   see the benefits of hypnosis and how hypnotherapy can help you... Yes you!



Pallas/Athena : Snakes, Curses, Charms and magical Amulets -   Looking at the origins of the goddess Pallas Athena as a snake goddess. Her   links to magic, hidden knowledge and magical amulets.



Oraphim - The Nobel Prize winning molecule only found in nature   is in the stone Shungite - come and hear why we call it 'The Miracle   Molecule' and learn why using shungite water for drinking, cooking, bathing   is so beneficial and cost effective (it clears chlorine, toxins, bacteria, it   restructures, removes antioxidants, remineralises, lowers the surface tension   for better hydration and cellular cleansings & adds healing fullerenes)   Also Using Shungite for reversing the electromagnetic fields in the home   environment & on mobile devices is easy with Oraphims Shungite stickers   and Beautiful jewellery too!



Janey: Crystals for the Rest of Us - Janey's talk is for   everyone who has ever visited a crystal supplier and felt overwhelmed by the   massive choice and variety, or unsure of what they need and where to start,   Delivered with her usual warmth and good humour, her talk is guaranteed to   entertain as well as clearing up some myths. Whilst Janey does not     claim to know everything (who does?) her knowledge, gained by nearly 2   decades working with crystals is evident.



Patricia Brooks - Patricia Brooks - Mediumship Demonstration   This demonstration of mediumistic and psychic ability will amaze you,   enabling many folk to realise there is no such thing as death, just another   way of living. You will leave this talk feeling uplifted and happy in the   knowledge that your loved ones that have passed over are still around you,   guiding many of your moves with loving tenderness and much care.


Alison Dean

Chandu Solanki

Craig Martin

Hands R4 Healing

Himalayan Wellbeing

India Jo

John Richardson


Keith Howes


Natural Healing Therapies



Patricia Brooks

Reiki Teddy


Silvermoon Crystals

Spirit Earth

Spirit Earth Books

Spirit Earth CBD

Spiritual Connections

Stephanie King

Woodland Trust


  • MK Mind Body & Spirit Event

    Adult Entry to Milton Keynes Mind Body & Spirit Event

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  • MK Mind Body & Spirit Event

    Concession Entry to Milton Keynes Mind Body & Spirit Event. The following are classed as concession, proof will be required upon entry with your receipt: Pensioners, Unemployed, Disabled, Carer with Disabled Adult, Students, NHS Staff, Armed Forces, Veterans.

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