Whitby Pavilion, West Cliff, Whitby, YO21 3EN

18th & 19th June 2022

10am - 5pm Saturday

10am - 4pm Sunday

Whitby Mystical

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Saturday 18th June

  • 10.45am   |  Dave Green - Astrology for prediction

dave green_edited.jpg

Most people know astrology by their star sign or may have gotten as far as having their birth chart done - but most dont understand how or why the daily placements of the planets affect our daily lives. In this talk i shall explain some of these basic processes and how to plan for best timings or minimise effects of negative placements

  • 11.45am   |  Magikal Echoes - Crystals for Manifesting


Are you interested in learning about the law of attraction and how crystals can help you change your mindset so you can not only believe in yourself, but help you start to reach for the stars then come join Niki as she deep dives into all things manifesting and how to use crystals to raise your vibrations to attract the life you desire!

  • 12.45pm   |  John Richardson - Past Life Regression

John Richardson.jpg

Feel Better Fast Hypnotherapy with John Richardson - Regression: Past Life & Present... And how this simple procedure can change your life forever!

  • 1.45pm   |  The Wiccan Lady - Kitchen Witch

wiccan lady.png

Ever wondered what we were using herbs and spices for before we were cooking with them?  Find out how to make lotions and potions for around the house with all natural products and kick start your inner witch.

  • 2.45pm   |  Darren Clarke - Sound Healing

darren clarke.jpg

The power and effect of sound on the body. 

  • 3.45pm   |  Oraphim - Shungite


Oraphim Silver infused shungite: with the Nobel Prize winning 'Fullerenes C60' shungite stones are detoxing /purifying/Balancing/ Empowering, Oraphim will give you knowledge on how this powerful stone is transforming people lives everyday from chronic illnesses to achieving their full potential, Its actually learning about just how amazing you are and how shungite removes any blockages.

Sunday 19th June

  • 10.45am   |  Alison Dean - The World of Runes

Alison dean.jpg

Come and join me and choose a rune that speaks to you, learn its meaning and message that you choose. Then meditate with the rune symbol, feel a connection and relaxation. Learn about the runes healing powers, learn about different combinations of bin runes to benefit life.

  • 11.45am   |  Stephanie King - How to Balance Spirituality with Normal Life...


Time is precious and life too short; pressures and commitments are intense. We aim to be the best that we are able to become within boundaries of unfolding life - daily, yet expectations, demands and stresses never cease... But did you know that being spiritual keeps you looking and feeling younger – and so therefore fresher longer; that good health, love and happiness are much closer than you think? Spirituality is not religion. Instead it’s how you connect to life to help it work; how you read and then process all that occurs from your awareness...
In this powerfully channelled workshop STEPHANIE J. KING will show you how to work life better, to get it to respond more successfully in your favour - according to present needs and expectations... Why accept the worst when then life’s best is waiting to come in? Join Internationally known and respected, Stephanie J. King – Soulpreneur ™, Author, Healer, Speaker, Life Coach, Relationship Consultant – to support and help you overcome the many challenging facets of daily life…. Time permitting this workshop will also contain powerful, channelled, guided meditations.      

  • 12.45pm   |  India Jo - Demonstration of Mediumship

india jo.jpg

Join the ever popular India Jo as she brings you a fantastic demonstration of mediumship.

  • 1.45pm   |  Vala Stiorra - How to Read the Tarot & Crystal Ball


There's a little psychic in all of us and through my interactive demonstration of these 2 traditional methods of divination I'll show you they are easier than you think. I'll show you how to get started with both demystifying and hopefully empowering you to move beyond the fear of them being difficult and complicated. All you need is confidence and faith in your instinct.

  • 2.45pm   |  Marie De Rosa - Connecting to your Angel Guides


A meditation journey to connect to your Angel Guides and create the link to your higher knowledge.