Mystical Market - Summer Solstice in Whitby

Drumming on the Beach


Join us for drumming on the beach after this event on Saturday evening. Rose Best will lead us in drumming on the beach and you are welcome to come along. The event closes at 5pm and we will head down to the beach (weather permitting) at around 5.30pm. Bring your drums, flutes or any appropriate instrument....or you can just sit with us and enjoy the energies.

Event and Venue
Saturday 23rd &
Sunday 24th June 2018


Whitby Pavilion,

West Cliff,


YO21 3EN


Opening Times


Saturday 10am - 5pm

Sunday 10am - 4pm


Admission Prices


1 Day

Adult £3.50

Concession £3.00


2 Day

Adult £6.00

Concession £5.00


Under 16 free

Free Prize Draw

Returning for the 8th year, 2018's event is set to be the best to date. Set in the Pavilion overlooking the beautiful coast of Whitby, this is most certainly our most relaxing venue to date! Our exhibitors love this event with many joining us as part of a break away.

For this event we will have a mix of Pagan and Mind Body and Spirit Exhibitors to bring a great mix of stalls and talks.


How to get here

The Pavilions are situated on the "West Cliff" of Whitby. Whitby is situated along the A171. Heading into Whitby from either direction and you will soon see our yellow road signs which will take you to the West cliff. The Pavilions have only a small car park of their own, which in the summer can get full early. There is parking on the street in the pay and display zones.

Whitby has now introduced a new parking zone scheme. Visitors need to be aware that they have parked within the correct area, or in the disc zone, have on display a disc clock. These are available from most news agents within Whitby.

The best option is to park in the park and ride on the outskirts of the town and use the bus. This cost £2.50 return for an adult (cheaper than on the street parking!) and service P1 will drop you off at West Cliff (outside the Pavilions). Please visit : Whitby park and ride for more details.



Whitby is serviced by a rail station which is situated down near the quay. It is a good 15min walk to the venue. There is a steep hill to climb so a short taxi ride might be best!



Whitby is serviced by Arriva buses and the X93 runs from Scarbrough through to Middlesbrough via Whitby.

Whitby Talks

SUNDAY THE 24TH OF JUNE -  £10.00 1pm-3pm -    FAIRY MAGICK - with Edwin Courtenay A 2-HOUR MINI WORKSHOP £10.00



Of all the elementals that exist the Faerie Folk capture the hearts and imagination of those awakened to the other worlds more than any other. From the Fairy Godmother of our childhood fairy stories to the tantalizing glimpses of their enchanted realm documented throughout history from the medieval period to the Victorian age. This mini workshop explores the power, wisdom and magic of the Faerie Folk under the guidance of Edwin Courtenay – spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, channel and magician helping you to explore the reality of the faerie folk and their realm, their true nature and power so that you might better discern truth from superstition, whilst learning how to commune with them and draw upon their magic and power for manifestation, protection and healing. The workshop will include a meditation into the otherworld, live trance channelled communication from the Faerie themselves and practical experiential exercises – all of which will be detailed on a hand out for you take home and work further with. Not to be missed by any “fairy fan” whether experienced or completely new to working with the Wee Folk!

Whitby Talks - Saturday 23rd June 2018



Rose Best - Shamanic drum & guided meditation for personal transformation & change, using creative medium to bring your journey into reality - with Rose Best “Thoughts lead to purpose, purpose leads to actions, actions become habits, habits decide character and character fixes our destiny ” Tryon Edwards. If thoughts shape our destiny, our dreams therefore can become our reality. Travel with your guide into the light of creation, ask for illumination, clarity & focus for your next step, use creative medium to understand & bring forth the meaning of your soul journey.



India Jo – Guided Meditation

Join India Jo for a "guided meditation" as channelled through her by the Ascended Master St Germain, and is his gift to those that have "the calling" a must for all lightworkers, step into the silver and violet flame, let go of your past, this powerful meditation helps to release blocks from both past life and this earthly existence and move forward with forgiveness,  tie-cutting, new life, vigour and love



Reading the Runes – with Jane Osborne - A fascinating look into the history of the Runes, its Pagan Tradition, and its crafts. Runic ways date back to at least 150 AD, stretching across Norse, German, British and Roman culture. Several of Jane’s clients have experienced Past Lives in Pagan times, and many come to her specifically to explore this area of their past lives. Jane will not only explain the back story of the Runes, but also give details of entire weekend retreats which are designed to explore these themes  in a practical way.



A DEMONSTRATION OF ASCENSION MEDIUMSHIP with Edwin Courtenay. Ascension Mediumship is not using clairvoyance or clairaudience to contact the dearly departed in order to provide proof of survival after death but rather using the mediumistic talents to connect with Ascended Masters – often described as New Age saints who include amongst their number St Germain, Kwan Yin and the Master Jesus - as well as Archangels such as Michael, Raphel and Gabriel. Edwin Courtenay a channel who has been working with these intelligences for 29 years will use his unique ability to see and hear spirit to bring forwards messages from these beings concerning the spiritual potential, karmic blockages, life path purposes and Ascension guides and patrons of all those present. Incorporating into his demonstration guidance and advice for all those journeying on the spiritual path.



Sandi - Sandi-Joy Pinkney - Pendulums a brief history of their origins. How to cleanse and care for them. How to use them with and without a pendulum board. And an opportunity to experience for yourself the use of pendulum with a spirit board during the session



Robert of Aura-Soma - Discover how colour guides your soul through time and how it can and will guide and support you through this lifetime.


Whitby Talks – Sunday 24th June 2018



Craig - Talismans, Amulets & Charms in modern life
The talk will look at the difference between talismans, amulets and Charms, there strengths, energies and divine connection. How they can be used in modern life, spiritual practice, meditation and healing. Plus there will be a short meditation.



Ruth - Beginners Guide to the Crystals and Minerals of The British Isles. This talk will introduce you to some of the Amazing crystals and minerals of the British Isles and the wonderful healing properties which they have. During the talk you will be shown specimen examples of these in their natural state. You will also be given some information on the connection between these native minerals and the Goddess Energies of The British Isles, Ruth has been involved with crystals and minerals for over 35 years and has trained with Katrina Raphael in Hawaii and with the Spiritual Venturers Association Crystal Healing School.



John Richardson - Past life regression & spiritual connections... including john's fascinating demonstration to show hypnosis is nothing to fear! John Richardson has been a professional stage and clinical hypnotherapist for many years and his talks and demonstrations are packed with information and fun... yes fun! You will soon see the benefits of hypnosis and how hypnotherapy can help you... yes you! 



Alison Dean - The powerful and healing world of Runes - You will get a chance to pick out the Rune symbol that speaks to you and understand what it means. Take a look at the mystic world of the rune symbols and understanding the many benefits they can provide us with from grounding, protection to healing illness and emotional trauma. Runes have been with us from the late bronze age (circa1300 BC) and you can Learn how you can use runes to help you in your everyday life. Having a one to one reading with runes and find out just how much it can tell you.



The Goddess Movement & Paganism

 The Goddess movement is a powerful feminine strand of Paganism. Many modern-day feminists and followers of the Goddess often discover through regression that they had past lives as priestesses in the ancient worlds, particularly in Egypt, Greece or Rome. Jane, in her capacity as a Past Life Regressionist helps people to explore and understand this dimension. The Goddess movement’s objective is to create a Global Sisterhood for individual spiritual and self- development in our own unique paths, to then work together to bring about positive social change and to work together without ego for the good of the global community. Jane runs weekend retreats on these themes which are designed to explore and uplift.



Heather Smith - A new world in the making, Sharing is the key. The presence of Maitreya the World Teacher and the return of the Masters of Wisdom to the everyday World.

Whitby Exhibitors

Alison Dean - As a psychic Medium I am passionate about helping my clients stay in touch with passed loved ones, I provide a number one to one services in Medium readings as well as Rune, Tarot, Psychometry and Crystal Ball.


Aura Soma Products Ltd - Aura-soma and the world of colour. Discover what an aura-soma colour consultation can offer you to recognize your gifts and talents and to see what possibilities the future can offer'  Aura-soma products ltd. Contact: Deborah Gardner / telephone number: 01507 533581/ e-mail:debbie@aura-soma.netwebsite:


Craig Martin - I love to create  unique handmade hangings, dreamcatcher, intention cords, mala/prayer beads,  jewellery and spiritual items to aid and enhance meditation, personal spiritual connection, healing and joy.  My inspiration is nature, spiritual traditions  and ancient cultures from around the world.  


Earth Magic - An extensive collection of hand picked unique, beautiful, affordable crystal jewellery set in 925 sterling silver with a sterling silver 18 " chain. Plus carefully selected sacred healing stones, natural polished gems and high quality geodes

Earth Soul aims to provide your soul with the tools it needs to progress here on Earth. Through their aura sprays, gem tinctures, and meditations plus lots more. Phone: 07969815998 Email. Facebook:


Edwin Courtenay is a spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, channel and practising pagan magician, he is a  digital psychic artist and author of four books including Ascension To Go released March of this year. An international teacher  offering workshops and retreats from his home in Northumberland as well as teaching up and down the country and over seas Edwin is a regular visiting teacher at the College of Psychic Studies in London. He offers absent channelled and clairvoyant consulations from his home and teaches on a variety of topics from Angels and Ascended Masters to Atlantis, Lemuria, the Old Gods, the Fairy Folk, Ascension topics and Magic.


Elizabeth Stead - Elizabeth Stead creates individual, hand made, necklaces, bracelets and earrings for women who understand their own style. Each piece is designed and made with thought and care by Elizabeth herself in her Yorkshire studio. 07949 853308


Fiona Balaban trading as Crystal Reconnections has been supplying a wide range of good quality crystals at the Sheffield Moor Market since 2015. Fiona is a qualified crystal therapist and has been a reiki / energy healing practitioner for over 20 years. Crystal Reconnections - Fiona Balaban. 07846 194041 Based in Sheffield


Gobannos - Inspired by Celtic and Norse and Fairy mythology Andrew Helme will be bringing his Gobannos range of hand crafted treasures. Pendants, necklaces and bracelets made from copper, bronze and semi-precious gems 


Heidi Cooke - I've been working with spirit for around sixteen years now. Every time I work it's different, I ask them to bring the proof, truth and love to let you know they are around you, supporting you throughout your life. I use Oracle and Soul Journey cards bringing positive messages to help you heal and move forward in your life.

Hidden Colours - Adaptable card reader/medium, reading through crystals and clothes you wear. Hidden colours - Sheryl 07758 435814


India Jo - My work is unusual, I have always had the ability to see and connect with other beings - Angels and our dearly departed, I conncect with and act as medium between them and their loved ones, as a teenager I started having premonitions that came true, this still remains the same. I also undertake spirit release work, having great empathy for the soul which is earthbound. It is my purpose to serve humanity, to lightwork and engage in the most professional manner I can, whilst, at the same time being a genuine empath with humility and love. 


Jacqui de Rose is a watercolour artist based in Derbyshire whose beautiful original paintings, prints, cards and handmade jewellery are heavily influenced by Mother Nature, folklore and earth traditions. Commissions are welcomed. Alongside her artwork, Jacqui will happily demonstrate how to use Orgonite/Atlantianite energy balancers with you to help remove unhelpful emotional blocks and ways of thinking. Away from the shows Jacqui is an en experienced medium who brings together her spiritual gifts with her formal training in counselling and psychology to offer one-to-one personal intuitive therapeutic readings combining traditional card spreads to look at current life issues together with energetic readings using Atlantianite energy balancers,helping you to understand where you may be holding onto trauma, negative thinking, unhelpful thought patterns and grief etc. She regularly exhibits at more than thirty-five Mind/Body/Spirit, Pagan, Vegan and themed events each year throughout England and Wales including all of the White Light Events. Further details can be found on her website or on the events tabs at and​


Jane Osborne - Jane is an experienced presenter, workshop, and retreat leader, who specialises in Past Life Regression, offering Quantum Healing in extended sessions. Her book “Exploring Past Lives” offers a fascinating insight into that world. She is relentless in her pursuit, and exploration, of Spiritual, Mystic and Pagan knowledge, therapies, treatments and experiences. Her travels have taken her to the Badlands of Dakota, the Taj Mahal at Agra, Tangier’s Medina, and the Callanish Stones in the Outer Hebrides. She delivers talks and workshops around the country running regular weekend and weekday Retreats in log cabin accommodation in the National Forest near Burton upon Trent. These cover a range of topics under the “Mystic Magic in the Forest” banner. This year they include Power Animals with Bird of Prey live demonstration, a “healing weekend” of diverse treatments and therapies, a “Sisterhood”  Goddess weekend of Pagan activities and a Spiritual Creative Writing weekend.


John Richardson - Soul 2 Soul Past Life Regression & Spiritual Connections: Discover Your Past Lives; John Also Provides Spiritual Readings Of Guidance & Counsel. Tel: 07800584077


Joy’s Intuitive Pendulum Readings – I am an empath and use my pendulum and spirit board, plus my special oracle cards, to help you find the answers to life’s questions. My readings are intuitive and are given with the help of my spirit guides and advisors.

Joy’s Jems - Hi we are Sandi and Paul Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression practitioners and Holistic healers, we are a couple and this is very much a joint venture. The jewellery is made from gemstones and the prayer beads are researched and handmade then charged with reiki. We also now sell pendulums and our own handmade pendulum boards. Contact on 07746671328 via my FB pages


Keith Howes – I see the tarot as a source of ancient wisdom and read them accordingly,  as a tool for self empowerment . I believe they act as a mirror reflecting back to us our true inner natures. It is this self knowledge we can utilise to improve our life choices and ultimately change our destiny for the better. Hope to share in your journey . Blessings Keith Howes contact 07956876824 or


​​Oilfaction - Handmade Natural Floral Baskets, Car Diffusors smellies using Essential oils also Essential Oils, Gifts packs and Diffusors necklaces.​ 


Peppercorn 77-79 , Pasture Road Goole, East Yorkshire DN14 6BP. We have what its probably the widest selection of Crystals and Minerals , specialising in rare and unusual specimens for both the healer and the collector. We do our best to ensure that you are getting what you pay for and name specimens under their proper mineralogical names and not trade marked ones (trade marking is a marketing tactic to bump up the price). We may on occasion use traditional mineral trade names which is not the same as Trade Marking. Many of the specimens we offer are in their natural state and are not dyed or polished, If we have any which are treated in any way we will make sure to tell you. We do not wish to mislead you. We have a good selection of beautiful British minerals available too! At many of the shows David who is a professional mineralogist will be on hand for correct identification of specimens you are unsure about and can provide you with a wealth of knowledge on their formation, structure and location. If that sounds overwhelming don't worry as David is very good at explaining all this in layman's terms. If you want information on the Healing aspects of specimens then Ruth is the one to consult with, She has trained with both Katrina Raphael and the Spiritual Venturers Crystal Healing School and has been working with Crystals for over 35 Years. Between them Ruth and David make a great team for their unique combination of knowledge on the scientific and healing aspects of the Crystal and mineral world. Information on Crystal Healing Diploma courses is also available. The Peppercorn also offers a selection of natural health products from body care to supplements including CBD Oil, and Ruth is the one to offer advice on these. For Further informatipnYou can contact there Peppercorn on TEL:01405769875 or E-mail


Ritual - Herbal plants lovingly handgrown using organic methods, free from pesticides. Chosen for fragrance, touch, culinary, ritual and ancient use. Herbs are prized for enriching our wellbeing in a natural form looking back to the old ways and ancient uses. Together with the traditional and more unusual herbs is a complimentary range of handmade herb products. Reigniting the age old usage of herbs with an environmentally friendly ethos

Rose Best - Initially Rose explored and used healing therapies herself, to help her transcend difficult circumstances, her journey helped her gain a deep empathy and  understanding of others, who were also experiencing difficulties. Rose combines her core training in Aromatherapy and Reflexology with Person Centred Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Shamanic and Spiritual Healing,  to give  a unique healing experience. Rose may also use Tarot Cards, Crystals, the sound of the drum to aid and enhance the healing process.

Sanctuary Reflexology - Hand and Feet Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.http://sanctuaryreflexology​


Share International - Sharing Justice and Equality - the key to peace in the world. Information on Maitreya the World Teacher, the return of the Masters of Wisdom and the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. . PO Box 3677 London NW5 IRU. Contact today at this event - Heather Smith.


Spirit Earth - Spirit Earth are based in Ripley, Derbyshire and specialise in a large range of Pagan goods including Altar Ware, Athames, Spell Candles and much more. Canvas prints and greeting cards by Anne Stokes, Lisa Parker along with other artists and a large range of Nemesis Now bronzes and statues can also be found. We sell a range of our own spells and over 70 herbs to be used in your own spells. We carry a large range of resin incenses and holders along with incense sticks and cones.


Spirit Earth Books - Spirit Earth Books are specialists in Books, Tarot, Oracle & Spiritual Cards. CD's, DVD's & Greeting cards. They are one of the UK's largest mobile Spiritual Book Stands. SE Books are always happy to order books on request and are at all White Light Event's. 


Spirit Earth CBD - Spirit Earth CBD sell a range of CBD products ranging from Oils, sprays, balms and tablets. Come and have a chat with us for more information and to ask any questions. CBD is a great product but there's a lot to learn. We are happy to share our knowledge with you so that you know which product will suit you best.

The Night Owl Unique Pagan viking medieval gothic fairy pixie biker steampunk hippy spiritual unique and interesting items and unique jewellery you don't see in the shops.


The Wiccan Lady - Wiccan and Witchy items including hand-decorated besoms, herbs, spells, wooden wands and everything required for an altar. I also teach courses in Wicca, hedgewitchery, herbs, psychic development and holistic practices.


Usha Henderson - Usha has a unique massage and teaching skills over 25 years experience, specializing in Reflexology on not just the feet but teaching hand and ear reflexology. Authentic Indian head, neck, shoulders and back massage can last up to six months. Reiki, ear candeling, and pranayama yoga.

Wilderness Holistics -  Jessica Faye has been a practicing Holistic Therapist since 2006 where she studied various Holistic Therapies, including Crystal Healing. Since then she has been on many different ventures whilst living a vegan, pagan & cruelty free lifestyle. Jess wanted to incorporate her therapies and lifestyle beliefs into a business where she could share that passion so created Wilderness Holistics. All products that are here are either handcrafted by Jess herself or ethically sourced. Based in the heart of the Staffordshire Moorlands & surrounded by vast woodland, this is the perfect sanctuary to create bespoke crystal jewellery and other handcrafted items. Products are always Vegan, always Cruelty Free and are inspired by living a Natural lifestyle, inspired by the Wilderness!.


Wyn Abbot is a spiritual sculpture and artist, here works are inspired by ancient cultures and their beliefs and her work is exhibited and sold worldwide Tel: 01524 221857,, Facebook: