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Harmony Bay

I am Peter Hess’® Sound Massage Practitioner. Sound massage is a beautiful, gentle journey, different for everyone, depending on what our body and soul currently needs. Massages the body at the cellular level.
Tensions in muscles and tendons are released. The pains ease or go away. Our organs are harmonized
to their proper frequencies. Thanks to the vibrations that permeate the whole body, the life energy
begins to flow much more freely. The locks are released. Intrusive thoughts completely disappear as
if someone pressed X in a browser with dozens of tabs open. We often enter a state of deep
meditation, a state between sleep and wakefulness. This activates self- healing processes in us.
Many people experience a variety of visions during sound massage. The soul guides them and helps
heal traumas and programs.
After that we often make decisions that have been difficult for us by then, we move on to something
new that we were afraid of before or we give up something that does not serve us, we change the
environment, work, and often people around if the soul calls for a change. All for
our greatest good :)

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