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Door Tree Reflexology

My name is Eva Dawtry I am based in the Chapeltown area of Sheffield. After spending 30 years in
the Pharmaceutical Industry, working in different roles and across several therapeutic areas, the
pandemic, as for many of us, made me re- evaluate my life and my next path. I decided that I wanted
help people via alternative therapies – giving people a choice on how they manage their health and
well-being. Reflexology has always been an interest of mine, having benefitted from undergoing
reflexology treatments myself. I wanted to explore this further, utilising the techniques to help
others. My reflexology knowledge has been helped massively by my Physiology/Pharmacology degree and
also the vast healthcare knowledge I had gained over my career. I am a Level 5 Clinical
Reflexologist - registered with the AoR. I studied this with the tutoring team of Jubilee College.
My qualification enables me to give the highest level of practice possible, tailoring treatment
to clients specific needs.

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