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The Benn Hall, Newbold Road, Rugby, CV21 2LN

23rd & 24th July 2022

10am - 5pm Both Days

Rugby Mind Body Spirit Weekend

What's On

We have a large area for talks & workshops, which are free to attend. Just turn up at the time of the talk you wish to attend and find a seat.



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Saturday 23rd July

  • 10.30am   |  Alison Dean - The World of Runes

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Come and join me and choose a rune that speaks to you, learn its meaning and message that you choose. Then meditate with the rune symbol, feel a connection and relaxation. Learn about the runes healing powers, learn about different combinations of bin runes to benefit life.

  • 11.25am   |  Dave Green - Intuitive symbology in prediction

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Most people know of the power of symbols in dreams and tarot, but may not realise that it can be used to make anything a psychic tool for readings and prediction. In this workshop we shall explore how you can use this skill for self development and readings

  • 12.20pm   |  Amazonite Griffin - Divine feminine and crystals

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People often think the Divine feminine is only for women but it is actually for everyone we all carry it within us.
Divine feminine is an energy that has been with us since ancient times it represents the connection to the part of your consciousness responsible for nurture, intuition and empathy regardless of gender, It's your wisdom.
We all have masculine and feminine aspects these two energies can become imbalanced. This talk is to remember our spiritual divine feminine appreciating and celebrating all the wonderful aspects of yourself that reflect the divine feminine through crystals.
Giving you the opportunity to balance that energy by allowing your true feminine side to be expressed and how to reconnect.

  • 1.00pm   |  Amy Elizabeth


Join healer, spiritual trailblazer, medium and 6 times mindset & well-being author Amy Elizabeth, as she helps us raise our vibration, awareness and consciousness. Amy Elizabeth brings you unbridled levels of energy and passion to help you unlock your full potential, understand who you are and what makes your heart sing - helping you to live a joyful life, thinking more deeply and growing fully into your best self way beyond the 3D.                                 

  • 1.50pm   |  Vala Stiorra - How to Read the Tarot & Crystal Ball


There's a little psychic in all of us and through my interactive demonstration of these 2 traditional methods of divination I'll show you they are easier than you think. I'll show you how to get started with both demystifying and hopefully empowering you to move beyond the fear of them being difficult and complicated. All you need is confidence and faith in your instinct.

  • 2.45pm   |  Myrah Duckworth - Browncherub's Heart Repair Shop

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Talking Therapy to include elements of Life Coaching, NLP, Life Path Guidance and Spiritual Whispering. Specialist in healing loss, bereavement, separation and heart break.

  • 3.40pm   |  Darren Clarke - Sound Healing

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The effect of sound on the body. Join Darren for this amazing sound healing workshop.

Sunday 24th July

  • 10.30am   |  Oraphim - Shungite


Oraphim Silver infused shungite: with the Nobel Prize winning 'Fullerenes C60' shungite stones are detoxing /purifying/Balancing/ Empowering, Oraphim will give you knowledge on how this powerful stone is transforming people lives everyday from chronic illnesses to achieving their full potential, Its actually learning about just how amazing you are and how shungite removes any blockages.

  • 11.25am   |  Dave Green - Astrology for prediction

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Most people know astrology by their star sign or may have gotten as far as having their birth chart done - but most don't understand how or why the daily placements of the planets affect our daily lives. In this talk i shall explain some of these basic processes and how to plan for best timings or minimise effects of negative placements

  • 12.20pm   |  Helen Leathers - Living An Aligned Life on Purpose


Finding a purpose in your life has many powerful and empowering benefits. But it isn't always easy to know what your purpose is. In this workshop you will find out what an aligned and purposeful life might feel like and I will share a method that can be used to tap in to your innate wisdom and start to discover your passions and purpose.

  • 1.00pm   |  India Jo - Demonstration of Mediumship

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Join the ever popular India Jo as she brings you a fantastic demonstration of mediumship.

  • 1.50pm   |  Stephanie King - How to Balance Spirituality with Normal Life...


Time is precious and life too short; pressures and commitments are intense. We aim to be the best that we are able to become within boundaries of unfolding life - daily, yet expectations, demands and stresses never cease... But did you know that being spiritual keeps you looking and feeling younger – and so therefore fresher longer; that good health, love and happiness are much closer than you think? Spirituality is not religion. Instead it’s how you connect to life to help it work; how you read and then process all that occurs from your awareness...
In this powerfully channelled workshop STEPHANIE J. KING will show you how to work life better, to get it to respond more successfully in your favour - according to present needs and expectations... Why accept the worst when then life’s best is waiting to come in? Join Internationally known and respected, Stephanie J. King – Soulpreneur ™, Author, Healer, Speaker, Life Coach, Relationship Consultant – to support and help you overcome the many challenging facets of daily life…. Time permitting this workshop will also contain powerful, channelled, guided meditations.

  • 2.45pm   |    David Mitchell - Avaja (Himalayan Singing Bowls)


Join David from Avaja for a 30 minute introductory talk on Himalayan Singing Bowls, find out about their History, what they are used for, how they are made,  how to choose one and how to play one.

  • 3.40pm   |    Share International

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Information on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom , in this time of global transition, a time like no other in our history.