Long Eaton Mind, Body, Spirit and Psychic Event

Event and Venue Information
Sunday 7th October 2018


Novatel Hotel

Bostock Lane

Long Eaton

NG10 4EP


Opening Times


10am - 5pm


Admission Prices


Adult £3.00

Concession £2.50

Under 16 free

In 2018 White Light Events will return to Long Eaton twice. It has been popular with exhibitors and visitors and by introducing the event to the area twice in a year it keeps the momentum going and makes this an established regular event in our calendar.  With over 30 exhibitors and the a room of talks there will be plenty to do throughout the day. The hotel itself offer refreshments and parking is free.


How to get here

From Leeds, follow the M1 south, exit at Junction No.25 and follow signs for Long Eaton. From the exit you will see us on the left hand side.From Birmingham, follow the M42 (A42) north to Nottingham then the M1 north. Exit at Junction No.25 and follow signs for Long Eaton. From the exit you will see us on the left hand side. From London, follow the M25 then the M1 north. Exit at Junction 25 and follow signs for Long Eaton. From the exit you will see us on the left hand side. We will have our yellow directional signs up around the venue area leading you to the parking area and entrance.



The closest railway station to the venue is Long Eaton which is 2 miles away from the venue. Approx cost for a taxi to the venue is £4.



The closest bus stop is Briar Gate, about 5 mins walk away. Briar Gate is on the Indigo route by Trent Barton buses, travelling from Derby bus station and Nottingham's Broadmarsh bus station.




John Richardson - Past life regression & spiritual connections... including john's fascinating demonstration to show hypnosis is nothing to fear! John Richardson has been a professional stage and clinical hypnotherapist for many years and his talks and demonstrations are packed with information and fun... yes fun! You will soon see the benefits of hypnosis and how hypnotherapy can help you... yes you!




Bach Flower Remedies - stay calm and take your flowers! Discover how the remedies can be a great resource for you - keeping you grounded and calm, no matter what life throws at you.




Rose Best - Shamanic drum & guided meditation for personal transformation & change, using creative medium to bring your journey into reality - with Rose Best “Thoughts lead to purpose, purpose leads to actions, actions become habits, habits decide character and character fixes our destiny ” Tryon Edwards. If thoughts shape our destiny, our dreams therefore can become our reality. Travel with your guide into the light of creation, ask for illumination, clarity & focus for your next step, use creative medium to understand & bring forth the meaning of your soul journey.




Craig Martin - Talismans, Amulets & Charms in modern life
This talk will look at the difference between talismans, amulets and Charms, their strengths, energies and divine connection. How they can be used in modern life, spiritual practice, meditation and healing. Plus there will be a short meditation.




The Miracle Molecule: SHUNGITE And the balanced masculin feminin Makers and creators in art, beauty & music share real life stories of the effects of Shungite for health. Experience timeline and interdimensional healing with performance by 'Oraphim' (The Male Oraphim form carries a stronger electrical field and specializes in electrical field transmission, while the Female Oraphim carries the magnetic field and specializes in magnetic reception. Together they have the greatest ability of any biological race to transmit and receive the Threefold Founder Flame (Founder Frequencies or GSF to structurally repair the Universal Blueprint Bodies all the way down to our density. They are the Keepers of the Universal Time Matrix, and the capacity for them to begin their creational purposes in genetic repair is now being revealed.)



CBD  101 – A Dummies Guide

What is CBD and why is it seen as the miracle product?. We’ll take a look at where it comes from, it’s history and usage and the law surrounding it. We’ll also look at the many products that are available, from oils, balms and sprays to bath salts.

We’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have.





Sandra Joy Pinkney ~ Crystals - their uses in healing  - Crystals impact on our life in many ways. Sandi, of Joys Jems, and therapies will discuss how they have changed her life. A brief history of crystals and their uses in healing, jewellery making and connecting with your inner self




Crystals for the Rest of Us -  Janey Hitchcock - Silver Moon Crystals Janey has worked with crystals since “before it became trendy” and runs Silver Moon Crystals along with her husband Derek. This talk is for everyone who has ever visited a crystal supplier and felt overwhelmed by the massive choice and variety, or unsure of what they need or where to start. It is, she says, much better to ask a daft question than remain daft. Delivered with her usual warmth and good humour this talk is guaranteed to entertain, as well as clearing up some myths. Whilst Janey doesn't claim to know everything (who does?) Her knowledge gained by over a decade of working with crystals is evident




India Jo – Guided Meditation

Join India Jo for a "guided meditation" as channelled through her by the Ascended Master St Germain, and is his gift to those that have "the calling" a must for all lightworkers, step into the silver and violet flame, let go of your past, this powerful meditation helps to release blocks from both past life and this earthly existence and move forward with forgiveness,  tie-cutting, new life, vigour and love




Alison Dean - The powerful and healing world of Runes - You will get a chance to pick out the Rune symbol that speaks to you and understand what it means. Take a look at the mystic world of the rune symbols and understanding the many benefits they can provide us with from grounding, protection to healing illness and emotional trauma. Runes have been with us from the late bronze age (circa1300 BC) and you can Learn how you can use runes to help you in your everyday life. Having a one to one reading with runes and find out just how much it can tell you.




Patricia Brooks - Mediumship Demonstration  This demonstration of mediumistic and psychic ability will amaze you, enabling many folk to realise there is no such thing as death, just another way of living. You will leave this talk feeling uplifted and happy in the knowledge that your loved ones that have passed over are still around you, guiding many of your moves with loving tenderness and much care.


Alison Dean - As a psychic Medium I am passionate about helping my clients stay in touch with passed loved ones, I provide a number one to one services in Medium readings as well as Rune, Tarot, Psychometry and Crystal Ball.https://www.facebook.com/Alison-Dean-Medium-1536887999675332/

Angela Welsh - My name is Angela, I was born with psychic abilities, my grandma and greatgrandma, were both clairvoyants. My children are gifted also, and my grandaughter who is only 2 years old is also showing promising signs. I decided many years ago to develop my abilities and I went to the local Spiritualist church to enhamce my gifts. After that I started working more with Spirit doing Psychic Fairs and party bookings. I have done promotional videos and done a bit of television and done readings for celebrities (please don't ask who). I travel all over the country doing my work, have done abroad, also done private functions and promotional work for Virgin trains.I can read of anything, I do a lot of psychometry which is reading objects, jewellery etc, but mainly clients want the Tarot but I also do palmistry, crystal ball, mediumship and clairvoyant, I also work with Spirit for people who have passed over.

Bach and Natural offer taster consultations for the Bach remedies with a personalised remedy selection to take away. Bach remedies support emotional well-being, helpful during challenging times and to reduce stresses of every day living. www.bachandnatural.co.uk 01636 640121 maggiects@btopenworld.com

Craig Martin - I love to create  unique handmade hangings, dreamcatcher, intention cords, mala/prayer beads,  jewellery and spiritual items to aid and enhance meditation, personal spiritual connection, healing and joy.  My inspiration is nature, spiritual traditions  and ancient cultures from around the world.

Debbie Boulton - Mobile holistic therapist in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, trained in massage, aromatherapy, angelic reiki, seated & hot stone massage, in your own home or room’s at Clay Cross & Ilkeston. Debbie Boulton Therapies https://www.facebook.com/dbmass/?timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=100001870493241&pnref=lhc

Earth Magic - An extensive collection of hand picked unique, beautiful, affordable crystal jewellery set in 925 sterling silver with a sterling silver 18 " chain. Plus carefully selected sacred healing stones, natural polished gems and high quality geodes

Fay Hartwell Designs & Coaching - Original art, prints, cards, art journals and sketch books, information on Art, Mindfulness & Well-Being Workshops and Just Junk Journalling Course in Notts & Derbyshire, and Intuitive/Spiritual Coaching services.

Firetree - Beautiful Jewellery handmade in Derbyshire, and inspired by nature. Made using fine silver and sterling silver, copper and leather. Contact Ann on Facebook: @firetreederbyshire. Email: thefiretree@outlook.com 

Glenasina - Glenasina is an experienced international psychic medium with more than 25 yrs experience. Having worked extensively in the UK ,America and Cyprus.Glenasina gives amazing accurate readings on all areas of your life.gklewis@btinternet.com mob.07933110652

Hidden Colours - Adaptable card reader/medium, reading through crystals and clothes you wear. Hidden colours - Sheryl 07758 435814


India Jo - My work is unusual, I have always had the ability to see and connect with other beings - Angels and our dearly departed, I conncect with and act as medium between them and their loved ones, as a teenager I started having premonitions that came true, this still remains the same. I also undertake spirit release work, having great empathy for the soul which is earthbound. It is my purpose to serve humanity, to lightwork and engage in the most professional manner I can, whilst, at the same time being a genuine empath with humility and love.

Jacqui de Rose is a watercolour artist based in Derbyshire whose beautiful original paintings, prints, cards and handmade jewellery are heavily influenced by Mother Nature, folklore and earth traditions. Commissions are welcomed. Alongside her artwork, Jacqui will happily demonstrate how to use Orgonite/Atlantianite energy balancers with you to help remove unhelpful emotional blocks and ways of thinking. Away from the shows Jacqui is an en experienced medium who brings together her spiritual gifts with her formal training in counselling and psychology to offer one-to-one personal intuitive therapeutic readings combining traditional card spreads to look at current life issues together with energetic readings using Atlantianite energy balancers,helping you to understand where you may be holding onto trauma, negative thinking, unhelpful thought patterns and grief etc. She regularly exhibits at more than thirty-five Mind/Body/Spirit, Pagan, Vegan and themed events each year throughout England and Wales including all of the White Light Events. Further details can be found on her website http://www.jacquiderose.co.uk/ or on the events tabs at https://www.facebook.com/JacquiDeRoseArt and https://www.facebook.com/JacquideRoseSpiritualReadings.

John Richardson - Soul 2 Soul Past Life Regression & Spiritual Connections: Discover Your Past Lives; John Also Provides Spiritual Readings Of Guidance & Counsel. Tel: 07800584077 Visit:www.feelbetterfast.co.uk / john-richardson.co.uk

Joy’s Jems - Hi we are Sandi and Paul Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression practitioners and Holistic healers, we are a couple and this is very much a joint venture. The jewellery is made from gemstones and the prayer beads are researched and handmade then charged with reiki. We also now sell pendulums and our own handmade pendulum boards. Contact on 07746671328 orsandra_pinkney@live.co.uk or via my FB pages

Keith Howes – I see the tarot as a source of ancient wisdom and read them accordingly,  as a tool for self empowerment . I believe they act as a mirror reflecting back to us our true inner natures. It is this self knowledge we can utilise to improve our life choices and ultimately change our destiny for the better. Hope to share in your journey . Blessings Keith Howes contact 07956876824 or keithhowestarot@gmail.com

Mike Maguire - A man following a passion for Meridian based therapies, helping people realise how much they can do for themselves. Certificated for Reflexology, Seated Acupressure, Emotional Freedom Technique, Craniosacral Therapy.  Currently studying towards qualifying as a practitioner of Emmett Technique in 2018. As well as offering tasters at various events sessions also available at venues around Derbyshire

  1. Derbyshire Hotel Spa (near Junction 28 of the M1) Sessions include access to the Spa Steam Room, Sauna and Jacuzzi

  2. The Hub Gladstone Buildings in Clay Cross.Complete with its own vintage style Tea Room

  3. Edith Lewis Hall at Weleda Ilkeston

Norma Wood - Handmade cushions and greeting cards.

Oilfaction - Handmade Natural Floral Baskets, Car Diffusors smellies using Essential oils also Essential Oils, Gifts packs and Diffusors necklaces. https://www.facebook.com/desirablesgiftscrafts.co.uk/

Oraphim - Super Boosted Shungite Jewelry infused with ionic silver, disables auric field compression, eases manifestation, protection against negative entities, protection against wifi 4/5G. Purchases £10+ recieve Blue Ray lightworker cleansing CD. Rich & Cassie Spray 0776 2703 578 Email: create.ting@live.com Fb:The Miracle Molecule:SHUNGITE

Patricia - Patricia Brooks - Patricia is one of the longest serving clairvoyants in the UK. Originating from the Derby area her worldwide reputation and knowledge of the psychic world goes before her.  Having run two psychic shops in the City of Derby many of her clients will be delighted to not only see her personally for one to one consultations but to hear her speak publicly over the weekend, giving her unique demonstration of clairvoyance on the Saturday. Patricia is back in her home town welcoming clients old and new.

Ritual Herbarium - creations reignite the spiritual ways of the old and ancient ones. Creation starts with a seed which love, mother nature and magick transform into organically homegrown herbs. From seed to plant to design and creation each and every item is created by hand. Each idea is grounded in traditional spiritual meanings aligned under planetary and elemental energies. The fusion of homegrown herbs and design has evolved into a unique herbal range for the spiritual practitioner.


Rose Best - Initially Rose explored and used healing therapies herself, to help her transcend difficult circumstances, her journey helped her gain a deep empathy and  understanding of others, who were also experiencing difficulties. Rose combines her core training in Aromatherapy and Reflexology with Person Centred Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Shamanic and Spiritual Healing,  to give  a unique healing experience. Rose may also use Tarot Cards, Crystals, the sound of the drum to aid and enhance the healing process.

Silver Moon Crystals was formed back in 2006 by husband and wife Derek and Janey Hitchcock and is a specialist crystal business, advising on and selling crystals, minerals, fossils and meteorites. From tumblestones to specialist unique specimens, small to large pieces, Derek and Janey can supply and source crystals for the healing of Mind, Body and Soul. Come and have a chat with us for friendly specialist advice. facebook.com/SilverMoonCrystals www.silvermooncrystals,co.uk

Spirit Earth - Spirit Earth are based in Ripley, Derbyshire and specialise in a large range of Pagan goods including Altar Ware, Athames, Spell Candles and much more. Canvas prints and greeting cards by Anne Stokes, Lisa Parker along with other artists and a large range of Nemesis Now bronzes and statues can also be found. We sell a range of our own spells and over 70 herbs to be used in your own spells. We carry a large range of resin incenses and holders along with incense sticks and cones.

Spirit Earth Books - Spirit Earth Books are specialists in Books, Tarot, Oracle & Spiritual Cards. CD's, DVD's & Greeting cards. They are one of the UK's largest mobile Spiritual Book Stands. SE Books are always happy to order books on request and are at all White Light Event's.


Spirit Earth CBD - Spirit Earth CBD sell a range of CBD products ranging from Oils, sprays, balms and tablets. Come and have a chat with us for more information and to ask any questions. CBD is a great product but there's a lot to learn. We are happy to share our knowledge with you so that you know which product will suit you best.www.spiritearthcbd.co.ukhttps://www.facebook.com/Spirit-Earth-CBD-229444117807832/

Through The Looking Glass - I will be bringing to you Hopi Ear Candling. This treatment benefits those with excessive or compacted ear wax,snoring,sinusitis,glue ear,tinnitus,colds/flu and anyone looking for a environmentally friendly way of keeping the ears clean without using cotton buds. Facebook-Through The Looking Glass Mobile-07867802625

Tracy Poskitt – I am natural clairvoyant medium. This means that I do readings without using any tools or gimmicks. With over 30 years of professional experience, I have become internationally renowned and I am one of the country's leading genuine Natural psychic clairvoyant/Medium. I cover past, present and future in all areas of your life and give messages from loved ones who are in spirit.http://www.artdw.co.uk/Creative/index.php

Usha Henderson - Usha has a unique massage and teaching skills over 25 years experience, specializing in Reflexology on not just the feet but teaching hand and ear reflexology. Authentic Indian head, neck, shoulders and back massage can last up to six months. Reiki, ear candeling, and pranayama yoga

Wilderness Holistics -  offers 100% cruelty free/vegan handcrafted cosmetics/soap, pure essential oils, crystals, handcrafted jewellery and other holistic items. Our items are made with pagan intentions and with the sabbats in mind. We are based in the heart of the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands and also offer Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Tarot Reading and Hopi Ear Candles. https://www.facebook.com/wildernessholistics http://wildernessholistics.co.uk