Wytches & Wizards Market

Event and Venue Information
Saturday 28th October  2017


Buxton Pavilion

St. John’s Road
SK17 6BE


Opening Times


Wytches Market

10am - 4.30pm




Wytches Market


Children Welcome


This will be our third event of this kind in Buxton. In 2015 and 2016 this event attracted around 500 visitors and a great day was had by all. Our Zombie Body Part Hunt was enjoyed by many children and  proved to be very popular and each child received a goody bag for taking part. The Wytches Market will have stalls of crafters and retailers of Pagan and Magical goods to welcome you and there will be a room for talks and workshops too. Entry to the Wytches Market and the Talks and Workshops is free. Refreshments will be available in the beautiful Pavilions Cafe or Restaurant throughout the day.  


Talks for this Event

11.00  -  Shamanic drum & guided meditation for personal transformation & change, using creative medium to bring your journey into reality - with Rose Best “Thoughts lead to purpose, purpose leads to actions, actions become habits, habits decide character and character fixes our destiny ” Tryon Edwards. If thoughts shape our destiny, our dreams therefore can become our reality. Travel with your guide into the light of creation, ask for illumination, clarity & focus for your next step, use creative medium to understand & bring forth the meaning of your soul journey.

11.45  -  Cat Treadwell - Entering the Dark of the Year - Magic for Winter! Thoughts and practices to keep us fuelled and inspired through the long nights ahead...


Edwin Courtenay is a spiritual teacher at the College of Psychic Studies in London, a clairvoyant, channel and psychic artist who has created four oracle decks and has been a practicing, solitary, non traditional eclectic witch for 30 years. The Oracle of the Pagan Spirit is his latest divination deck formed of images – drawn from his own clairvoyant and spirit journey experiences - of the Old Gods, Pagan Spirits and those archetypes associated with the world of Witches, Magicians, Wise Women and Cunning Folk. Today Edwin will use the deck to present a demonstration of clairvoyance and channelling, offering messages to those who attend not about their dearly departed but rather about those Gods and Goddesses that seek to align and guide, past lives that rise to be remembered and magickal gifts that clamour to be awoken. The unique demonstration of magickal mediumship will culminate in a live trance channelled message from the Gods themselves!

1.45  -  Elaine Mein - The Goddess Freyja, her many aspects revealed.

2.45 - Tracy Poskitt - Discover your Spirit and what it can do. Discover your spirit and what it can do - Tracy will explain the make up of your full being. She will guide you through opening up your energy to the highest good (and how to keep the lower out). You will discover and see auras, learn how to communicate with spirit. Plus how to bring healing energy through yourself as a channel and deliver it to another. A short questions and answers forum at the end. Tracy Poskitt T.W.I N.A.M.C.W is a natural clairvoyant/medium, author, and teacher.

3.45 -  SHAMANIC WITCHCRAFT with Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
A Shamanic Witch is someone who has always been drawn to nature, who embraces each season and naturally hears the whispers of spirit.  The Shamanic Witch's heart sings at the mere notion of magic and has an affinity with the ways of natural healing in accordance with the magical laws of nature. Join Barbara in this empowering workshop to connect to your ancestral roots through drumming and shamanic wisdom .