2019 Online Booking Form

This is our online booking form to BOOK a stand at our events in 2019. This is NOT a booking enquiry form. By filling in this form you are agreeing to abide by our terms and conditions and our cancellation policy. Once you have filled in this form you will be redirected to a payment page where a one-off £50 deposit will need to be paid. This deposit will be taken off your last booking of the year should all terms and conditions be adhered too.

READERS - We are full for readers on all of our events in 2019. See the guide below to see which we have availability for. If you wish to be added to our waiting list then please use the contact form.

RETAIL - Certain retailers categories are full for 2019. Please check the table below to see if your items fall in to any of these categories. Please note that if any of the items listed as FULL in a category below are found to be sold on your stand you will be asked to remove them from your stand. This is to provide a well balanced event and fairness to all exhibitors.

THERAPISTS - We are full for therapists on certain events. Please check the table below.

PRICES - You will find prices for each catergory in the form below. Look on the drop down menu for each event and you will find all prices there.

Bookings - Terms and Conditions




1. Bookings are accepted on the basis of the description of products & services outlined on the booking form. Any deviation from the description must be with the approval and agreement of the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to ask you to remove any items on display which have not been declared previously on the booking form or agreed with the Organiser prior to the Event.

2. Exhibition stands will be allocated by the Event Organiser in the interest of ensuring a well-balanced Event and the requirements of the venue.

3. Subletting or sharing a stand is not permitted unless with the approval and agreement of the Organiser at the time of booking: in the case of readers only 1 reader is permitted per reader stand: if an exhibitor requires a stand for retail & space for a reader then a reader/retail stand must be booked. The number of readers will be limited in the spirit of fairness to all.

4. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse any exhibitor without giving a reason.

5. Candles or any naked flames may not be lit on any stand.

6. No extensions or widening of stands is permitted – if a larger stand is required then this must be stated on the booking form: likewise if a stand had a pull up display or banner then this must be declared at the time of booking. Charges may be made if you go out of the paid for space.

7. No posters are to be attached to the fabric of the building by drawing pins, sticky tape or similar – blue tack is permitted with great care; any damage charged for by the venue will be passed on to the exhibitor.

8. Consideration should be given to fellow exhibitors and visitors in respect of playing music and burning of incense etc.




1. Reader stands are limited at each event, therefore you must clearly state on your booking form if you wish to perform readings from your stand. If you do not state this on your booking form you will not be allowed to conduct readings on your stand.

2. Appropriate disclaimers are required to be in clear display on each readers stand.

3. Our definition of Readers includes – Clairvoyants, mediums, psychics, Aura photographers, psychic artists, card readers.

4. No readings to any persons under the age of 18 will be permitted. If you are in doubt, please ask for proof of age.

5. We insist that all readers charge a minimum of £35 per reading. We are aware of readers that are charging small amounts for readings at our events and this is unfair to other readers. We want every reader to have a fair shot at earning at our events and we need to ensure there is a level playing field. We now require all readers to have a sign that clearly states their price on their table. We also recommend that readers have an appointment sheet on their table as we are often asked how to book with a particular reader. If you do not have an appointment sheet where a client can book a place then you risk losing your client to another reader who does have a sheet. If any reader is found to be offering readings at below the price of £35 then they will lose their place on our events.


Payments – Rolling Deposit Scheme


1. The price of the stand is outlined on the booking form for each event. An initial deposit of £50 for all exhibitors is required at the time of booking to secure a stand: deposits are non-refundable unless an event is cancelled by the Organisers. This deposit is a rolling deposit.

2. An invoice will be issued 8 weeks before each event and payment for that event must be made in full for the stand(s), and this is due no later than 6 weeks before each approaching event. Payment details will be on your invoice. Payment should be made by Paypal or BACS. Should you have reason to cancel your stand without the required 6 weeks notice then the deposit will be forfeited. Non attendance at an event without payment will also need to be paid for in full if no cancellation has been made, in writing, with more than 6 weeks notice.

3. The deposit will then become the deposit for the next show booked. This will continue for all shows that are booked with us.

4. For the final event of the year you may use your deposit or you may choose to roll your deposit forward to the following year.

5. 6 weeks notice must be given for cancellations. Stands cancelled with less than 6 weeks to go will still be required to be paid for in full


Setting up & Closing down


1. Exhibitor access for setting up will be announced on our website at the following page: https://www.whitelightevents.co.uk/exhibitor-events-details After unloading, vehicles should be removed away from the loading areas so as not to restrict other exhibitors unloading or visitor’s access to the venue.

2. Clearing away at the end of an event: No exhibitor is to clear away before the advertised end time of an event. There are a lot of exhibitors who respect this but there are also many that don't. It is unfair to exhibitors around you when you are clearing away, especially if there is somebody having a reading or therapy nearby. Also, visitors who pay to enter an event expect to be able to purchase items up till the advertised time. When the show is being packed away a visitor feels like they have to rush and they tend to leave the building. That leads to lost sales and is unfair to your fellow exhibitor.

3. Stands must be ready by 9.45 am on opening day and all aisles must be clear so that the public entering at 10am are not at risk of accident.


Insurances, Health, Safety & Security


1. It is the responsibility of each & every exhibitor & speaker to be aware of any current change in legislation that affects their activities & to comply with such legislation. Copies of Insurance will need to be sent to whitelightevents@live.co.uk. No exhibitor will be permitted to trade without current and sufficient insurance.

2. Whilst the Organisers have taken every precaution to ensure a safe & secure environment for the Events it is the responsibility of each stand holder to make sure that they have their own insurance to cover their goods & services as required by law & should have a minimum of £1 million Public Liability insurance & a minimum of £1 million professional indemnity for any products & treatments given. No responsibility will be accepted by the Organisers for claims made against any products, services or treatments or for any loss or damage to exhibitors stock or equipment. Copies of current Insurance Certificates must be submitted to whitelightevents@live.co.uk once a booking form has been sent. White Light Events make every effort to ensure that all venues are safe and secure overnight, but no responsibility will be accepted by us or the venue for exhibitors stock or equipment.

3. Readers, psychic mediums, psychic counsellors, psychic artists, aura photographers and spiritual therapists should have the appropriate professional indemnity insurance & appropriate disclaimer & send a copy of each with their bookings. It is also recommended that all readings be taped for the professional care of the Visitor/Client & the Reader/Medium.

4. Electricity - Please ensure your equipment is checked to EEC regulations i.e. PAT tested, in a good state of repair in order to ensure the safety of fellow exhibitors & visitors; all those requiring power must bring an extension lead. Cables must be secured & taped down. If you require electric then you are asked to bring a cable of at least 10m+ in length. We will ensure that everybody has access to electricity and we do not charge extra for this.

5. The boundaries of the stand are the limit & extent for each exhibitor: no goods, furniture or storage items are permitted to block aisles, doorways or fire escapes

6. All exhibitors should act with consideration & respect for other exhibitors, visitors & the Organiser team at all times: no activity should be disturbing or intrusive to others.


Risk Assessments


1. All exhibitors will be required to submit a risk assessment for their stand. This will be kept on file for a year and we will need to have a copy for as long as you exhibit with us. We will ask for a new copy on a yearly basis. We do have a template should you wish to use it.

Leaflets and advertising

1. Leaflets: there will be a designated area for leaflets, which exhibitors are invited to use: all other advertisements & leaflets etc should be confined to the boundaries of the stand; the leaving of leaflets at any other area of the venue including the toilets is not allowed.

2. As we would like to bring our event to as many visitors as possible we would ask for all of our exhibitors to advertise any events they are attending on their own websites with a link to this site so that we can promote our events as widely as possible. We are also happy to add your links to our site if you are attending our events.


Talks, Demonstrations and Workshops


1. All talks, workshops and demonstrations are presented free of charge to the public at most of our events. These are a fantastic way for you to promote your activities, services and products. We view these workshops as a great way of informing the public about the various therapies and services that are available to them. We are extremely grateful to anyone who takes the time to put on a demonstration at our events.

2. If you would like to present a talk/workshop/demonstration then please indicate on the booking form and please give as much detail as possible to content and how long your talk will be for.

3. In the event of high demand for talks White Light Events will allocate talks at our discretion.

4. If you wish to hold a talk at our events we ask that you give us 2 to 3 options per year. We also ask that these talks are not talks that are available to watch on social media. We need to offer our visitors reasons to visits our events and we are finding that our talk schedules are looking very similar. We will give priority to talks that have not been used before.

5. Talks Equipment: In certain venues we have PA systems for talks. We put the equipment in spaces or rooms that we know need the system. We ask that ALL exhibitors who have a talk use this equipment. We very often hear from visitors that leave a talk early as they could not hear the speaker. It is frustrating for them and us when the equipment is there to use.


Stand Position


1. Although we do make every effort to accommodate exhibitor’s requests, we cannot always do so. White Light Events will position stands as availability allows. Our decision is final.




1. Please ensure your equipment is checked to EEC regulations i.e. PAT tested, in a good state of repair in order to ensure the safety of fellow exhibitors & visitors; all those requiring power must bring an extension lead. Cables must be secured & taped down. If you require electric then you are asked to bring a cable of at least 10m+ in length. We will ensure that everybody has access to electricity and we do not charge extra for this.