Elsecar Mind Body Spirit & Wellbeing Event
Sat, 24 Aug | Elsecar Heritage Centre

Elsecar Mind Body Spirit & Wellbeing Event

Our second event of the year at the Elsecar Heritage Centre. With over 70 stands and a room of great talks and workshops.
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Time & Location

24 Aug 2019, 10:00 – 25 Aug 2019, 17:00
Elsecar Heritage Centre, Wath Rd, Elsecar, Barnsley S74 8HJ, UK


All talks are included in the admission price. Tickets can be purchased below or on the door on the day.

Elsecar Talks - Saturday 24th August 2019 - Due to illness, please note the change to the 11am talk on Saturday.

10.30 Ken Hakin: Drumming - Demonstration to include drum healing. Healing Mother Earth, Animals and ourselves. With the use of our spate drums and our BIG BERYHA MOTHER DRUM meet your power animal, drum, meditate and have fun!

11.00 Octavian - the CBD Store: there is a growing list of benefits to health from using CBD products. CBD products are legal in the UK and there are new products available all the time. Find out the different ways of using CBD from Vapes to oil, capsules and even sweets and drinks.

11.30 Alison Dean - The Rune workshop - Runes are like learning a language and takes time to learn so I want to start your journey with runes. The first thing is to: • learn how to say all 24 Futhark – It’s important to be able to pronounce each rune correctly. • learn method of meditation- you need to become familiar with each rune and meditation is the best way. • Learn one meaning for each rune- There are so many meanings for each rune depending on where they become placed, so you start with one generic meaning. • Learn methods of divination- Divination can be done in different way and we will explore different methods.

12.00 Leigh Rebekha - A Journey of Self Love and Authenticity- Join Leigh Rebekha on a journey of self discovery, finding tips and tricks for your toolbox in order to find your authenticity, being true to yourself, forgiving past life patterns and DNA transference all encompassed with self love in mind. You’ll feel uplifted and ready to walk your true path.

12.30 Janey: Crystals for the Rest of Us - Janey's talk is for everyone who has ever visited a crystal supplier and felt overwhelmed by the massive choice and variety, or unsure of what they need and where to start, Delivered with her usual warmth and good humour, her talk is guaranteed to entertain as well as clearing up some myths. Whilst Janey does not

claim to know everything (who does?) her knowledge, gained by nearly 2 decades working with crystals is evident.

1.00 Wildkatt - Mystickal Shamaness and Healing drums. - Shamanic empath and spirit channel, Wildkatt, demonstrates channelled energy working from her sioux guides, spirit animals, otherworldly beings and medicine drums, to aid healing of body, mind and soul. Volunteers will be selected from the audience, whilst onlookers will bathe in the healing energies channelled. An experience that can only be described as 'the wildkatt way!' magickal - mystickal - memorable .. And unmissable!

1.30 Pallas/Athena : Snakes, Curses, Charms and magical Amulets - Looking at the origins of the goddess Pallas Athena as a snake goddess. Her links to magic, hidden knowledge and magical amulets.

2.00 John Richardson - hypnosis: past life regression and invoking the power of the mind to heal... John's fascinating demonstration shows you why hypnosis is nothing to fear! John Richardson has been a professional stage and clinical hypnotherapist for many years and his talks and demonstrations are packed with information and fun... Yes fun! You will soon see the benefits of hypnosis and how hypnotherapy can help you... Yes you!

2.30 Sandi – Joy - Dowsing from Ancient times to Modern Day what is dowsing and how it has been used through the ages? The different forms of dowsing and how i use it in my holistic healing, intuitive readings, how to find lost objects and also to do house cleansing? You will have the opportunity to have a go with divining rods, pendulums and also a traditional wooden dowsing or witching stick.

3.00 A Demonstration of “Angel Mediumship” - Edwin Courtenay has been seeing and communicating with Angels and Archangels for 27 years using his talents to guide others on their spiritual journey, bring forward powerful and fascinating teachings and insight and channel potent angelic healing energy for his many clients throughout the world. In this demonstration of Angelic Mediumship he will combine his clairvoyant ability with his spiritual mediumship and channeling – as well as his extensive knowledge of the Angelic Kingdom - to give messages from the Angelic Kingdom to ALL of those who attend! Revealing the colours of your aura and giving you guidance as to what they mean, unveiling the nature of your past lives and karma, connecting you to your Spirit Guides, Master Patrons and Guardian Angels and channellings messages concerning your spiritual paths directly and in trance! Not to be missed this is a remarkable opportunity to receive direct messages from the “Treasury of Light” – the angelic continuum themselves at a time when we all need it the most!

3.30 The Wiccan Lady - What is a Hedgewitch? We look at the term hedgewitch and how it came about, how that differs to other witches, the specialisms of a hedgewitch, herbs, elements and elementals and a different way of seeing the Earth.

4.00 Simon Goodfellow: A Demonstration of Mediumship. - I work very differently to other mediums, whereby I meet and

greet spirit, this enables to know who and where the message from Spirit belongs, so I don’t have to find who the message belongs too. My ethics are very strong with my Spiritual work and one of the things I want to achieve is to remove all the doom and gloom from Mediumship and also prove that it can be fun and uplifting.

4.30 Jane Osborne - Past Life Regression - Taster of a past live regression mediation taking you to a happy memory of a past life. How past lives can help heal today using quantum healing and beyond.

Elsecar Talks - Sunday 25th August 2019

10.30 Rose Best: Shamanic Storytelling with Drum - Rose combines the art of story telling with the beat of the drum. Drum resonates with the beat of heart, it is a sound bath helping transcend to other realms. Drum helps us dream, it takes us out of everyday reality, it helps break through old patterns and helps us imagine stepping into new ones. Storytelling connects us to our humanity, it links us to our past and provides a glimpse of our future. Storytelling is how we understand the chaos of human existence. It provides shape and meaning, it is our legacy leaving a mark on the world. If we understand our story, we can make magical changes, rewriting and reshaping our story, moving forward, gaining strength and control over the new actions we chose to take.

11.00 Julie Williamson – A Jewel Shining Through Crystals and Mental Wellbeing: - Julie combines her love of crystals with promoting mental wellness — a brief introduction to crystals, a basic introduction to mental wellbeing and what it is including some suggestions to improve mental wellbeing. Followed by a ‘Show and Tell’ on selected crystals.

11.30 Paul - Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Acupressureist Paul will be doing a a guided meditation. To create healing of the physical mental and emotional self. Relax whilst he takes you on a journey of healing. Enjoy the time to recharge and relax your mind and body. Awake feeling refreshed and ready to continue your day.

12.00 Heidi Cooke Working with Spirit - I've been working with spirit for over 17 years now, I'm still learning each and every day and love what I do. I will be explaining a bit about how I came to work with spirit, my guides and give a short demonstration of my work with those from beyond our world, to let you know that they're still with you, supporting and guiding you each moment

12.30 Bags of Lavender - Using heat/ice for pain relief and the therapeutic benefits of weighted Eye pillows to aid stress and anxiety symptoms

1.00 Oraphim - The Nobel Prize winning molecule only found in nature is in the stone Shungite - come and hear why we call it 'The Miracle Molecule' and learn why using shungite water for drinking, cooking, bathing is so beneficial and cost effective (it clears chlorine, toxins, bacteria, it restructures, removes antioxidants, remineralises, lowers the surface tension for better hydration and cellular cleansings & adds healing fullerenes) Also Using Shungite for reversing the electromagnetic fields in the home environment & on mobile devices is easy with Oraphims Shungite stickers and Beautiful jewellery too!

1.30 Jackie Townsend of Leomoon Astrology “Snapshot of the Heavens” - discover how the planetary energies in your individual astrological birth chart provide a blueprint of your true purpose, identity and life path.

2.00 John Richardson - hypnosis: past life regression and invoking the power of the mind to heal - John's fascinating demonstration shows you why hypnosis is nothing to fear! John Richardson has been a professional stage and clinical hypnotherapist for many years and his talks and demonstrations are packed with information and fun... Yes fun! You will soon see the benefits of hypnosis and how hypnotherapy can help you... Yes you!

2.30 Elaine Hakin: The importance of getting your foundations in place - when wanting to serve and connect with Spirit in a bigger way. Finishing with some audience aura readings

3.00 SPELL SINGING with Edwin Courtenay - Edwin has been using spell songs, mantras, chants, enchantments, affirmations and toning in his workshops and healing sessions for 28 years. Drawing upon power languages, spells and mantras from all over the world ~ as well as creating his own ~ he has developed a unique form of "direct voice" mediumship whereby his spiritual teachers, guides and guardian angel sing through him - adding their power to his own in order to weave with his voice power magick! Spells songs can be sung for all manner of purpose from healing to cleansing, protection to manifestation as well as psychical and spiritual development and attuning to the Soul. In this interactive and experiential lecture Edwin will explain just how spell songs work and demonstrate some of them for you - enabling you to use their power in your life for your own self healing, protection and psychical and spiritual evolution. He will also lead those present in a simple group spell song ritual for abundance and manifestation so that both the group energy raised can be used to bring the will of all those present into being and so to that you might have a technique that you can take away with you and work with for your own magical manifestations.

3.30 Sharon O’Brien: Meridian Energetics and the 12-chakra system - Meridian Energetics is the only healing modality which facilitates and works on the new 12-chakra system within the body, as other modalities talk of further chakras that are only outside of the body such as the earth star and soul star, below and above the body respectively. Since the fall of Atlantis and into the dark ages we have been operating on a 7-chakra system. Growth and evolution of the human race is a necessity and is now happening with a rise in consciousness. Kundalini activation and activation of the heart centre is happening to in these times. The evolution of the heart centre with opening up of chakra 8 and 9 within it, is the most important development for humankind. The opening heart centre gives us access to source creative energy which is the gift that keeps on giving. Three more chakras open up in the head, 10,11 and 12. Each chakra corresponds to glands in the endocrine system and the major organs, as each new or dormant chakra opens changes are made in the etheric, mental, emotional and physical body giving radical changes to the personality of the individual to be more mature and accountable as sovereign beings. Meridian Energetics is an evolutionary healing modality for the golden age!

4.00 India Jo - Mediumship Demonstration

4.30 Robert of Aura-Soma - Discover how colour guides your soul through time and how it can and will guide and support you through this lifetime.

A Jewel Shining Through

Alison Dean

Alison Sheryl

Angela Welsh

Angelic Energies

Anna Moulton

Ascension Therapies

Astral Orgonite Pyramids

Aura Interpretations

Aura Soma

Bags of Lavender

Chandu Solanki

Craig Martin

Crystal Carol

Crystal Connections

Delta Direct

Diane Wright

Earth Magic

Edwin Courtenay

Egyptian Treasures

Elaine Hakin

Ethically Gifted

Feathers from Albion

Forever with Love


Hands R4 Healing

Harmonised Spaces Consultancy

Heidi Cooke

India Jo

Jane Osborne

John Richardson




Keep Calm It's Only A Plant

Ken Hakin

Laura Miles Jewellery

Leigh Rebekah

Leomoon Astrology

Lynn Macbain

Mark Aston

Mel jay

Mike Maguire

Natural Therapies

Naturally Smart Skincare



Oyster & Orchids

Patricia Brooks

Paul Asquith


Pure Crystals Water Bottles

Pure Extracts (Spiceylon)

Rick Paul

Rose Best

Sense The Senses

Seraff Souls

Share International

Sheila Earnden

Shine with Ali

Silvermoon Crystal

Simon Goodfellow

Soul Sisters

Soulflames Energy Healing

Spirit Earth

Spirit Earth Books

Spirit Earth CBD

Spiritual Creations

Starlight Stained Glass Studio

Stephanie King


The Gut Health Club

The Pyramid Lady

The Wiccan Lady

Tracie’s Nail Salon & Consultancy

Wear Your Voice

Wilderness Holistics



Tickets can be purchased below or on the door on the day.

  • Elsecar MBS & Wellbeing Event
  • Elsecar MBS & Wellbeing Event
  • Elsecar MBS & Wellbeing Event
  • Elsecar MBS & Wellbeing Event
  • Elsecar MBS & Wellbeing Event
  • Elsecar MBS & Wellbeing Event

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