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Elsecar Mind Body Spirit Weekend

23rd & 24th March 2024

10am - 5pm

Elsecar Heritage Centre
Wrath Road
S74 8HJ

Adult £6.00
Concession £5.00
Child (Under 16) Free
Adult Weekend £11.00
Conc Weekend £9.00

Get your event tickets here. Our larger events have a dedicated fast track entry line, so save time getting in to the fantastic events.

Talks & Workshop Schedule

Our Talks and workshops are free to attend (included in entry price), simply arrive at the time of your chosen talk and find a free seat.

Talks room

Saturday 23rd March

10.15am – Ken & Elaine Hakin - Drumming Workshop

Join Ken & Elaine Hakin as they lead their amazing drumming workshop. This is always a popular workshop, early arrival is
recommended. Feel free to bring your own drum!.

11.00am – Dave Green - The Darker Side of Spirituality

Most people think of spirituality as all love and light - but for each light there has to be dark. This talk will look at why some common
spiritual beliefs are very very flawed and possibly even dangerous for people who ware starting or exploring this path! There are many
energy drains, entities, internal blockages and self sabotages to overcome in the spiritual world and in this workshop we shall look at
many aspects of these and how to overcome them to ensure that you can follow a spiritual path and keep yourself, your home and your family and friends less at risk  - from your own energies and things which ti may attract or cause! Often the spiritual path appears all fine and happy - but can contain many hidden issues or problems which we may not be consciously aware of - part of this workshop will be teaching you to identify and self assess your energies to ensure that you keep yourself free from many of these issues and problems.

11.45am – Peter Loy, The Pagan Psychic - The Tarot Key

Unlocking the mystery of the tarot deck. In this workshop Peter will share with you, the key to successfully and rapidly learning all
seventy-eight cards of the traditional Tarot deck, unlocking the secrets they hold, and opening the door to intuitive readings.


12.25pm – Adele's Crystals - Protection with Crystals

We are going to talk about 2 crystals we can use to protect ourselves from negativity of the world around us, how they help
ground and focus our energy so we can stay protected. We shall also be holding a manifestation using the crystals from within the
talk as well.

13.10pm – Amy Elizabeth - The Positivity Pack

Join healer, spiritual trailblazer, medium and 6 times mindset & well-being author Amy Elizabeth, as she helps us raise our vibration
awareness and consciousness. Amy Elizabeth brings you unbridled levels of energy and passion to help you unlock your full potential,
understand who you are and what makes your heart sing - helping you to live a joyful life, thinking more deeply and growing fully into
your best self way beyond the 3D.                                      

13.50pm – John Richardson - Activate the Relaxation Response

In this talk John will show you how to activate The Relaxation Response to lower blood pressure and protect yourself from Heart
attacks and Strokes... The product of constant stress. John himself has been a Stage Hypnotist and Holistic Hypnotherapist for many
years, treating clients with Emotional, Anxiety, and Nervous Disorders: Fears Phobias and Panic Attacks... which are just a few of the
symptoms that respond well to good hypnotherapy practice... and the importance of relaxation in our everyday life... along with his
usual informative facts, anecdotes, and fun which accompany all his MBS talks.                                   

14.30pm – Felix Hyde - Holographic & Light Language

Understanding the holographic fields and how to heal through them with the use of energetic streaming and Light language, what is it,
and how do we speak it.                              

15.15pm – The Wiccan Lady - Lotions & Potions

How to make lotions and potions the witches way. Easy recipes, ingredients that grow in your garden and a splash of added magic.                          

15.55pm – Craig Martin - Folklore & Folklore Magic Charms

An introduction into the magical  folklore of plants and animals within the UK.  How they are expressed in folk magic and people's
everyday lives, along with their importance as part of folk magic charms.

16.30pm – Simon Goodfellow - Demonstration of Mediumship

Simon works very differently from other Mediums, whereby he works with Spirit and will meet and greet the Spirit, standing beside their loved one or friend, and then he will pass on the message that has been given to him.

17.20pm – Darren Clarke & John Richardson - HypnoBath - £15per person.

We have an extra special workshop after the show has finished in the workshop marquee.

This is a rare opportunity to experience healing of the highest potency… First there will be a brief introduction to hypnosis and sound healing, thereafter John will gently take you into hypnosis allowing the mind to open and become highly receptive to the amazing sound healing conducted by Darren.
This will be an amazing opportunity to receive healing whilst experiencing a deep state of relaxation.

Spaces are limited, with an additional fee payable. (Note this is an hour workshop, entry into the show after will not be possible.)


Sunday 24th March

10.15am – Alison Dean - Start Your Journey With Runes

Start your journey with Runes Connect with the energy of Runes. Learn a little of the history of runes and the Futhark, Come pick a
rune symbol and learn its meaning. Learn to resonate the energy of Rune for healing and tap into that healing energy. Learn about
bin runes and much more.

11.00am – Magikal Echoes - Working With The Power of The Moon

Start your journey with Runes Connect with the energy of Runes. Learn a little of the history of runes and the Futhark, Come pick a
rune symbol and learn its meaning. Learn to resonate the energy of Rune for healing and tap into that healing energy. Learn about
bin runes and much more.

11.45ampm - Joyus Living - Introduction to Access Bars & Access Energetic Tools

Discussing the powerful and pragmatic energetic treatments and tools of Access Consciousness. Choose to get involved, have fun,learn something about yourself and your body that you can begin to use to create more ease and relaxation in your everyday life.

12.30pm - Sophie Fox - Key Life Changing Transmissions from Kaia Ra & Alignment with 6 Directional Anges

Sophie will lead you into a relaxing mediation which allows you to feel held within the comfort of the Archangels, as you the embody
the wisdom of the Female Ascended Masters.

13.15pm - Angela Barker, Fenix Flames - Candle Magic
Learn how to use candles to create your own magic. Learn about the colours and exactly how to do it!

14.00pm - Darren Clarke - Sound Healing Bath
Join Darren from Congeries of Sound who will lead you through this Healing sound bath. He’ll introduce you to sound and its effect on
the human body before giving a mini sound bath.


14.50pm - Mel Foot - Essential Oils, Natures Natural Healers
Essential Oils have been around for thousands of years so why don’t people understand what they are and what uses they have in our daily lives. In my talk I will explain the uses of Essential Oils, the Do’s and Dont’s, and how they have helped me overcome my issues plus which oils help with mental health, anxiety, depression sleep and more. Find out what oils help with inflammation and pain and how best to use them. Essential Oils are becoming more popular as an alternative to mainstream drugs, especially since Covid. Most people who listen to my talk have felt the benefits of using Essential Oils so maybe you can to!


15.35pm - Lisa Perkins - Demonstration of Mediumship
Lisa Perkins Spiritual medium and clairvoyant, will deliver messages from spirit, past loved ones and guides. offering clarity and guidance in a loving and gentle way. Looking forward to seeing you.

16.20pm - The Hemp Man - The Magic of Medicinal Mushrooms
In this talk, we’ll explore the fascinating world of medicinal mushroom and their potential to support our health and wellbeing. From ancient Chinese medicine to modern scientific research, we’ll delve into the properties of different mushroom species and their benefits for the immune system, brain function and beyond. We’ll also discuss how mushrooms can be incorporated into daily life and rituals, and how they complement other holistic practices such as crystal healing, tarot reading and frequency therapy. Whether you’re a seasoned mycophile or simply curious about natural remedies, this talk will inspire you to tap into the magic of the fungi kingdom.

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