Elsecar Mind Body Spirit and Wellbeing Event

Event and Venue Information
Saturday 24th &
Sunday 25th March


Elsecar Heritage Centre,
Wath Rd, Elsecar, Barnsley, S74 8HJ


Opening Times


10am - 5pm

both days


Admission Prices


1 Day

Adult £4.75

Concession £3.75


2 Day

Adult £8.50

Concession £6.50

Under 16 free

White Light Events are pleased to be able to bring you the Elsecar event again in 2018. This event has the capacity for over 70 stands and is a popular event on the Mind Body Spirit calendar.

About Elsecar Heritage Centre

Set within the attractive conservation village of Elsecar, Elsecar Heritage Centre is a unique family attraction and a working hub of industry. With a nearby park, canal-side walks and access to the Trans Pennine Trail, Elsecar Heritage Centre is a fascinating day out for all the family.

Visitors to Elsecar Heritage Centre will find an interesting variety of individual craft workshops, artist studios, antique centres and exhibitions alongside a children’s indoor play centre, cafe and a historical steam railway. The restored ironworks and colliery workshops are also home to Elsecar Visitor Centre which houses a small exhibition about Elsecar’s past.

Shopping at Elsecar

There is great collection of craft workshops, shops, artist studios, antiques centres and businesses in residence at Elsecar Heritage Centre. Please note that the opening times for independent businesses at Elsecar may vary. 

Elsecar Heritage Railway

Elsecar Heritage Railway is located towards the rear of the Centre. 

Newcomen Beam Engine

The Newcomen Beam Engine is one of South Yorkshire’s finest surviving legacies of the Industrial Revolution. Built in 1795 the Engine was designed to extract water from Elsecar New Colliery to allow the exploration of deeper coal seams. 


How To Get Here

By car:

Follow the brown signs from J36 of the M1, the centre is 2 miles from the motorway in the village of Elsecar.


There is plentiful free parking available on site. Cycle racks are available on site.

Coach parking is available, please contact the Centre on 01226 740203 to book a space.

By public transport:

To plan your journey to Elsecar Heritage Centre using public transport please visit www.yorkshiretravel.net or call 0871 2002233.

Sunday 25th March 2pm – Tickets £10.  2-hour workshop – Tickets available to purchase on the website or on the door. Limited availability





To coincide with the launch of his new book – Ascension To Go – Edwin Courtenay will reveal for the first time how to call upon the active principles of the Rays – the Esoteric Fires – to bring long lasting powerful change to ones life! In this 2 hour experiential practical mini workshop Edwin will introduce those who attend to the Esoteric Fires – such as the Violet flame of Spiritual Alchemy, Kwan Yins flame of Compassion and Serpais Bay’s Flame of Grace – and show how they can be easily but effectively conjured and channelled to bring practical solutions to many of lifes challenges from clearing blocked energy to psychical and physical protection, help with travelling and the manifestation of abundance in life. All those who attend will receive free printed material featuring notes on the Esoteric Fires and containing formulaes on how they can be summoned. Edwin Courtenay a highly acclaimed channel and pagan magician offers the perfect workshop for those wanting to combine magick with new age spirituality!  



Room 1




Ken Hakin – Drum meditation with Ken Hakin is not to be missed. This opening ceremony will allow visitors to enjoy a drum meditation with healing and you will explore some ceremonial drumming traditions and will be guided through a journey, using the power of a drum to assist you in meeting your Power Animal.



Craig Martin - Talismans, Amulets & Charms in modern life
The talk will look at the difference between talismans, amulets and Charms, there strengths, energies and divine connection. How they can be used in modern life, spiritual practice, meditation and healing. Plus there will be a short meditation.




John Richardson - Past life regression & spiritual connections... including john's fascinating demonstration to show hypnosis is nothing to fear! John Richardson has been a professional stage and clinical hypnotherapist for many years and his talks and demonstrations are packed with information and fun... yes fun! You will soon see the benefits of hypnosis and how hypnotherapy can help you... yes you! 





Ascension Mediumship is not using clairvoyance or clairaudience to contact the dearly departed in order to provide proof of survival after death but rather using the mediumistic talents to connect with Ascended Masters – often described as New Age saints who include amongst their number St Germain, Kwan Yin and the Master Jesus - as well as Archangels such as Michael, Raphel and Gabriel. Edwin Courtenay a channel who has been working with these intelligences for 29 years will use his unique ability to see and hear spirit to bring forwards messages from these beings concerning the spiritual potential, karmic blockages, life path purposes and Ascension guides and patrons of all those present. Incorporating into his demonstration guidance and advice for all those journeying on the spiritual path.






Free Gift Voucher for all who attend

Join Angelic Jeanette, International Galactic Star/ Angelic Reiki Master Teacher/ Master Healer to experience this Powerful, Profound, Ancient, Life Transforming Galactic Star Heart™ healing energy which is a gift of ♥love♥ to humanity from our beloved Angels, Star Brothers and Sisters.


This Talk and Powerful Galactic Star Heart™ Ascension Healing Meditation and Attunements could seriously enhance your life

on all levels.


♥Exclusively Channelled through Angelic Jeanette Especially For You♥





Flavia Kate Peters - FAERY ELEMENTAL MAGIC with Flavia Kate Peters
Join Flavia Kate Peters, to discover how to work with faeries in conjunction with the elements that governs each and everyone of us. Discover how you can connect with the Elemental Kingdom to re-awaken and bring yourself back into alignment with the natural world. Working this way with the Faeries enhances your magical abilities, heals your spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing and brings about a very real connection to the Elemental Realm. Workshop includes magical altar work, faery spells and meditation.



Mark Aston - Demonstration of Mediumship Connecting With Loved Ones.



Sandi-Joy -  Pendulums a brief history of their origins. How to cleanse and care for them. How to use them with and without a pendulum

board. And an opportunity to experience for yourself the use of pendulum with a spirit board during the session




Simon Goodfellow - A Demonstration of Mediumship, Introduction As a Spiritual Medium, I work closely with my Spirit Guides and Spiritual Helpers and am assured of my calling to help and heal people when they need closure and direction to enable them to move on with their lives. I work very different from other Mediums, whereby I work with Spirit on a platform and go and greet the Spirit standing beside their loved one or friend, and then I pass on the message that has been given to me. My ethics are very strong and one of the things I want to achieve is to remove all the doom and gloom from Mediumship and also prove that it can be fun and uplifting


Room 2 - Places limited to 20 people




Jurga - Essential oils have been used to promote health and well-being since biblical times. Modern advances in the extraction methods and testing techniques have meant that doTERRA essential oils are some of the purest, most potent essential oils on the market. Come along to hear how you can use these essential oils in your home to support your family’s health and well-being.


Room 1




Shamanic drum & guided meditation for personal transformation & change, using creative medium to bring your journey into reality - with Rose Best “Thoughts lead to purpose, purpose leads to actions, actions become habits, habits decide character and character fixes our destiny ” Tryon Edwards. If thoughts shape our destiny, our dreams therefore can become our reality. Travel with your guide into the light of creation, ask for illumination, clarity & focus for your next step, use creative medium to understand & bring forth the meaning of your soul journey.




The Elsecar Show will be hosting a taster session for those interested in exploring past lives, the people in those lives, and the events which may have shaped you today. It will comprise a brief history of mankind’s fascination with, and belief in, this phenomena, backed up with scientific evidence.

It will  give you a personal checklist to help you explore things which might suggest your own past lives, including  those countries and places that you are drawn to, your fashions, fears and foibles. Jane will address the most frequently asked questions about this fascinating subject before opening the questions to the floor.

Jane Osborne is an experienced Past Life Regressionist. Signed copies of her book “Exploring Past Lives” will be available on the day as well as information on how to book your own one to one regressions or attend a retreat.




Tracy Poskitt  - The mechanics of a psychic channel. Though Tracy doesn’t do the full demonstration of her work as a clairvoyant/medium in her talks this one is a treat for you. Bring a photo, that may be chosen, for Tracy to tune into as she demonstrates each role to you. Learn the mechanics of channelling and enjoy the 10 minute meditation where Tracy will take you to a place where you can reconnect with your loved ones in Spirit. This is full of emotion with laughter too and is very popular. 




Elaine Hakin – How spirit work with us all – A talk on how spirit works with each and everyone of us with a demonstration of aura readings.




The 3 Essential Steps to Creating a Meaningful Life (where you can truly make a difference in the world)! Does your current work-life drain your energy and leave you wishing that things were different? Is your Soul screaming out to be more involved in your daily life and does your Heart feel left out by what you do for most of your waking hours? In this workshop you will: • Identify the 3 greatest obstacles that are stopping you from having the work-life you want, and how to break through them! • Learn how to gain a clearer sense of direction for yourself. • Experience how you can reduce the power that your fears and doubts have over you so you can move towards your authentic, meaningful life!




Leigh Rebekha - Find out what a Soul plan is and how it works to attune you with your soul destiny and life purpose. Leigh will offer a free demonstration to one lucky audience member so don’t miss out! Leigh will also talk about other services she offers, including Spiritual Life Coaching, and how to become your own Soul Architect- Building a Holistic You  




India Jo – Guided Meditation

Join India Jo for a "guided meditation" as channelled through her by the Ascended Master St Germain, and is his gift to those that have "the calling" a must for all lightworkers, step into the silver and violet flame, let go of your past, this powerful meditation helps to release blocks from both past life and this earthly existence and move forward with forgiveness,  tie-cutting, new life, vigour and love




Barbara Meiklejohn Free - PSYCHIC PROTECTION - Defining Your Boundaries - with Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Do you ever feel drained after spending time with another? Have you ever felt uncomfortable when walking into someone's home or a building? Do you ever wake up feeling exhausted? When you open the doors to the spirit world your psychic awakening takes place. To ensure balance between the worlds you need to create a psychic barrier of defence. Join Barbara for an empowering drumming journey to reclaim your personal power.   




Dr K T BIRINDER - Integrated Healing - Combining Conventional Medical/Scientific approach with Complementary/ Metaphysical Therapies .

Room 2 – Places limited to 20 people




Zari - Find out more about the spiritual healer John Of God-A.K.A ‘Miracle Man Of Brazil' and the Crystal Light Bed healing session (on offer at the show). Zari is a healer, therapist and official guide and retreat facilitator for the Casa Dom Inacio, healing hospital in Brazil. John of God is one of the most famous healer live today, curing people form of cancers, incurable illness, depression, paralysis, blindness and more… Zari will share her experience there and cellular approaches to achieving radiant health and lasting happiness

Elsecar Exhibitors

Angela Welsh - My name is Angela, I was born with psychic abilities, my grandma and greatgrandma, were both clairvoyants. My children are gifted also, and my grandaughter who is only 2 years old is also showing promising signs. I decided many years ago to develop my abilities and I went to the local Spiritualist church to enhamce my gifts. After that I started working more with Spirit doing Psychic Fairs and party bookings. I have done promotional videos and done a bit of television and done readings for celebrities (please don't ask who). I travel all over the country doing my work, have done abroad, also done private functions and promotional work for Virgin trains.I can read of anything, I do a lot of psychometry which is reading objects, jewellery etc, but mainly clients want the Tarot but I also do palmistry, crystal ball, mediumship and clairvoyant, I also work with Spirit for people who have passed over.


Angelic Jeanette – Founder and CEO of Angelic Ascension and Galactic Star Heart Healing® Angelic Jeanette is an International Motivational Speaker, Enlightened Channel for the Angelic Realms, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher/Healer, Galactic Star Heart Facilitator/Healer, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counsellor, Soul Preneur and Facilitator of Personal and Spiritual Development Workshops and Courses for Individuals, Groups and Corporate events, UK and abroad. Past Life Regressionist and Future Life Progressionist. MEMBER OF THE ANGELIC REIKI ASSOCIATION & BCMA. Treatments and Services: All of Jeanette’s Healings, Readings, Treatments and Services are channelled with ♥LOVE♥ to Heal, Uplift, Energise and Empower. Angelic Jeanette Website: www.angelicascension.co.uk E-Mail: jeanette@angelicascension.co.uk Facebook: AngelicAscensionYorkshire / Angelic Jeanette Twitter: EarthAngels369

Aura Photography with Aura Interpretations   provides a variety of products & services that can be used to help support  Personal, Professional growth &  development  in an informative and entertaining manor. It brings together the culmination of many years of spiritual growth and experience from a personally presented perspective.  We can offer a varied collection of Aura capture techniques from the  traditional Aura Photography & Psychic Readings, to the technically advanced   computer based  systems that offer  analytical readings based on the theories of colour  psychology. Plus a system that offers a new perspective to any energy based therapy or product. http://aura-interpretations.com/


Barbara Meiklejohn Free – BARBARA MEIKLEJOHN-FREE, The Highland Seer, has over 45 years of experience and expertise in the Mind Body Spirit field, having given her first mediumship demonstration at the age of 15 years old. She has since taught and mentored thousands of others in mediumship, trans-mediumship and shamanism at The Arthur Findlay College, Edinburgh College and the College of Psychic Studies in London. Hay House author Barbara has worked with many indigenous cultures and is a recognized expert in hosting rituals and ceremonies across the world. She is a regular presenter on the MBS & Pagan circuit and an award winning, best selling author, teacher and advocate of the great Earth-centered traditions. www.barbarameiklejohnfree.com


Bronze Age Nutrition We became involved with MSM 12 years ago when we discovered first hand the benefits of MSM. The business developed as a natural progression from supplying odd packs to friends and family through to today when we work full time to supply hundreds of customers across the UK. The core of our business is with the combination drinks of MSM and Vitamin C, which are fast gaining a reputation for their impact in promoting healthy and flexible joints. In the last few years we have introduced other product lines, staying true to our intention of providing simply the best available - the purest and the most effective. We trial all our products personally and continue to use them.  Our mainstay mineral products of MSM, magnesium, iodine and unrefined rock salt form a simple and hugely effective protocol, not just for those with ongoing health challenges, but also for those intent on exploring the boundaries of good health and preventative healthcare. Our recent foray into the world of 'superfoods' pays tribute to lost health wisdom of ancient cultures, as widely spaced as the South American Incas and the ancient Chinese herbal traditions. http://www.bronzeagenutrition.com/index.php


Burgette Matthews - Contemporary automatic and abstract spiritual artwork, originals, mixed media artwork, fine art prints, cards, gifts and commissions. www.burgettematthews.co.uk www.facebook.com/burgettematthewsartist


Craig Martin - I love to create  unique handmade hangings, dreamcatcher, intention cords, mala/prayer beads,  jewellery and spiritual items to aid and enhance meditation, personal spiritual connection, healing and joy.  My inspiration is nature, spiritual traditions  and ancient cultures from around the world.


Crystal Carol - Hand selected crystals from around the world by Carol who is also a Melody Methodology Teacher with over 25 years experience working with the wonderful world of crystals. www.facebook.com/Crystal/Carols www.crystalcarols-shop.com Shop .. Crystal Carols 11a George Street, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 6AQ


Desirable Gifts & Crafts - Handmade Natural Floral Baskets, Car Diffusors smellies using Essential oils also Essential Oils, Gifts packs and Diffusors necklaces. https://www.facebook.com/desirablesgiftscrafts.co.uk/


Di Wall - Having received encouragement from the likes of Jewel Marie Leaf, Ian Wallace, IanTimothy and Frances Munro to name but few, to use her natural talents to help others, Di Wall has during the past worked with clients from all walks of life, offering Spiritual Counselling as well as using her natural skills as a Physic Reader. She now attends Mind Body and Spirit Events throughout the U.K. With her ever growing reputation as one who exudes warmth and empathy with her clients, - she is as astute as she is empathetic with insight into what is going on in every aspect of one’s life from the personal to the professional. All reading’s are recorded onto CD and she offers not only one to one readings, but Party Bookings are also available. For further information visit www.daughterofisis.org or email: contact@daughterofisis.org  or mob: 07973736511


Diane Wright is a Spirit Artist who is able to connect to the guide of a sitter and paint a portrait and also bring forward details of their life whilst on the earth plane. email....dianedaw@icloud.com facebook....Spirit Guide Art by Diane Wright


doTERRA - Gifts of the Earth. In the words of Valerie Ann Worwood, “Essential oils are one of the great untapped resources of the world”. doTERRA produce some of the purest, most potent essential oils available, which means they can be reliably used to support the body for physical and emotional wellbeing. Come along and smell the difference for yourself! We will also be selling lava bracelets for you to infuse with oil samples. “I have been blown away by these essential oils. They are truly life changing.” Jurga Proudlove, mob. 07436001276, email to: jurga.proudlove@gmail.com


Earth Magic - An extensive collection of hand picked unique, beautiful, affordable crystal jewellery set in 925 sterling silver with a sterling silver 18 " chain. Plus carefully selected sacred healing stones, natural polished gems and high quality geodes

Edwin Courtenay - spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, channel and psychic artist will be selling his spiritual art work and signing copies of his new book Ascension To Go which he will be launching this weekend at the show - he will also be presenting a demonstration of Ascension Mediumship and offering a two hour workshop on Ascension Magick. https://www.facebook.com/edwin.courtenay


Egyptian Treasures - We’re two sisters who have a love of ancient Egypt.  We have a range of items sourced in Egypt including iconic jewellery, as worn by the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, which is hand-crafted for us in Cairo in the shadow of the pyramids; and replica Egyptian icons made by local craftsmen in Deir-el Medina (Valley of the Artisans).  You can contact us on egyptian.treasures.gifts@gmail.com – Lisa and Danielle


Elaine Hakin – Spiritual Medium, reading Auras proving afterlife and a way forward.


Ethically Gifted - A wonderful treasure trove of beautiful gifts, handicrafts and accessories, all lovingly handmade by fair trade artisans and ethical producers all around the world, at prices that don't cost the earth. Email: hello@ethicallygifted.co.uk Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ethicallygifted


Fiona Balaban trading as Crystal Reconnections has been supplying a wide range of good quality crystals at the Sheffield Moor Market since 2015. Fiona is a qualified crystal therapist and has been a reiki / energy healing practitioner for over 20 years. Crystal Reconnections - Fiona Balaban. 07846 194041 Based in Sheffield


Flavia Kate Peters – Hay House author FLAVIA KATE PETERS is known as The Fairy Seer who embraces the path of the Old Ways and that of Fairy-craft. A teacher of natural & ancient magic, Flavia Kate trains others through her professional certification courses at the College of Psychic Studies, London, and is a regular Presenter on the Mind Body Spirit & Pagan circuits. Television appearances include Celebrity Haunted Hotel, Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy, along with various guest slots for BBC Radio. She  regularly graces the pages of Spirit and Destiny magazine and is a columnist for FAE Magazine and Witchcraft & Wicca. Her authentic and honest approach makes her a most sought after elemental energy teacher. www.flaviakatepeters.com


Forever is known for its high quality aloe vera products. Starting with 100% inner leaf gel, other high quality ingredients are added to produce effective products which are testament to nature's capacity to help us look and feel our best. Julie Woodward 07808 163337 juliewoodward02@gmail.com

Gobannos - Inspired by Celtic and Norse and Fairy mythology Andrew Helme will be bringing his Gobannos range of hand crafted treasures. Pendants, necklaces and bracelets made from copper, bronze and semi-precious gems https://www.facebook.com/Gobannos/


India Jo - My work is unusual, I have always had the ability to see and connect with other beings - Angels and our dearly departed, I conncect with and act as medium between them and their loved ones, as a teenager I started having premonitions that came true, this still remains the same. I also undertake spirit release work, having great empathy for the soul which is earthbound. It is my purpose to serve humanity, to lightwork and engage in the most professional manner I can, whilst, at the same time being a genuine empath with humility and love.


Integrated Healing - Holistic approach to facilitating Healing on all levels for you. Crystals to The Balance Procedure - the Therapy combination is unique and tailored to the individual. 07900186565 ktbirinder@btinternet.com


Jacqui de Rose is a watercolour artist based in Derbyshire whose beautiful original paintings, prints, cards and handmade jewellery are heavily influenced by Mother Nature, folklore and earth traditions. Commissions are welcomed. Alongside her artwork, Jacqui will happily demonstrate how to use Orgonite/Atlantianite energy balancers with you to help remove unhelpful emotional blocks and ways of thinking. Away from the shows Jacqui is an en experienced medium who brings together her spiritual gifts with her formal training in counselling and psychology to offer one-to-one personal intuitive therapeutic readings combining traditional card spreads to look at current life issues together with energetic readings using Atlantianite energy balancers,helping you to understand where you may be holding onto trauma, negative thinking, unhelpful thought patterns and grief etc. She regularly exhibits at more than thirty-five Mind/Body/Spirit, Pagan, Vegan and themed events each year throughout England and Wales including all of the White Light Events. Further details can be found on her website http://www.jacquiderose.co.uk/ or on the events tabs at https://www.facebook.com/JacquiDeRoseArt and https://www.facebook.com/JacquideRoseSpiritualReadings.

Janey is a psychic tarot reader who has been involved in psychic work for over 30 years. Her humorous and warm-hearted approach to people make her the ideal choice to help make decisions about the way forward. Whether it is a question with your love life or your business you can trust Janey to give you honest, confidential advice in a non-judgmental way. Janey also does theatre shows demonstrating her psychic gifts. A reading with Janey will not be forgotten quickly! www.janeypsychic.com facebook.com/janeypsychic

John Richardson - Soul 2 Soul Past Life Regression & Spiritual Connections: Discover Your Past Lives; John Also Provides Spiritual Readings Of Guidance & Counsel. Tel: 07800584077 Visit: www.feelbetterfast.co.uk / john-richardson.co.uk


Joy’s Jems - Hi we are Sandi and Paul Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression practitioners and Holistic healers, we are a couple and this is very much a joint venture. The jewellery is made from gemstones and the prayer beads are researched and handmade then charged with reiki. We also now sell pendulums and our own handmade pendulum boards. Contact on 07746671328 or sandra_pinkney@live.co.uk or via my FB pages

Keith Howes – I see the tarot as a source of ancient wisdom and read them accordingly,  as a tool for self empowerment . I believe they act as a mirror reflecting back to us our true inner natures. It is this self knowledge we can utilise to improve our life choices and ultimately change our destiny for the better. Hope to share in your journey . Blessings Keith Howes contact 07956876824 or keithhowestarot@gmail.com

Ken Hakin – Handmade drums, lovingly made by Ken Hakin.


Laura Miles Ltd Gemstones from all over the world set in sterling silver. Unique designs and one off pieces. Gemstones and carvings. Laura Miles Ltd 07539570096 Laura.miles@live.co.uk Www.laura-miles.co.uk


Leigh Rebekha is an International Psychic Soul Plan Reader, using her psychic abilities, Oracle cards and Soul Plan software she can determine what your current mission is in this lifetime. Leigh is able to guide you through your soul's journey from past to present and unlock your inner potential. Leigh also offer Spiritual Soul Coaching during your session with her and will give you proactive advice on how to reach your Soul Destiny. Extra coaching sessions are available via skype or telephone and can be booked directly with Leigh.


Leo Moon Astrology - "Providing Intuitive Astrological Guidance". Jackie will be offering Astrology Birth chart and forecast readings and Astrology wheel card readings. Jackie Townsend - Leo Moon Astrology 07989 073840 leomoonastrology@hotmail.com www.leomoonastrology.co.uk


Life’s Treasures - I am a Sports Therapist and have been for a number of years. During the time whilst treating sport orientated people, I needed to recommend that in between visits they treat themselves with hot or cold packs.  I was unable to readily recommend places to purchase these of a quality I would expect, so we decided to manufacture our own brand. That was more than 17 years ago and since that time My Wife and I have added many different items each designed to be the markets best, to treat many specific problems.  I  am also a fully qualified Aromatherapist this allows me to blend essential oils to assist in the treatment by adding to certain items, mainly the Cooleze range. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products. Each one is made by  My loving wife Sheila each style is individually designed by us and All Items contain added ”Lufu”, for you to take full benefit from all the natural herbs, seeds, flowers and pure essential oils. These are the totally 100 % pure natural oils of plants flowers shrubs and trees. Proved not to interact with other drugs. http://www.lifes-treasures.co.uk


Lynn Macbain – Practioner at New Hope Healing

Magnetix Wellness - Magnetix Wellness is a German magnetic jewellery & accessory company. The range has pieces for Ladies, Gents, kids & pets too ! We have an extended Wellness range too including water magnets , slippers , eye asks etc All made from stainless steel.

Mark Aston is a Spiritual medium and clairvoyant based in the West Midlands. He works closely with his spirit guides and helpers to bring you guidance and clarity with his natural sensitive and empathetic approach. He will be offering Tarot readings and psychometry. Tel. 07969 333051 Email: mark.eft@hotmail.com Website: www.markjaston.co.uk

Mel-Jay specialises in silver & gold crystal & semi-precious jewellery including designer and bespoke items. An ability to see Chakras gives Mel a channelled understanding of your    Crystal /Colour choices. EMAIL: mel-jay@hotmail.com MOB: 07985797139

Mike Maguire - A man following a passion for Meridian based therapies, helping people realise how much they can do for themselves. Certificated for Reflexology, Seated Acupressure, Emotional Freedom Technique, Craniosacral Therapy.  Currently studying towards qualifying as a practitioner of Emmett Technique in 2018. As well as offering tasters at various events sessions also available at venues around Derbyshire

  1. Derbyshire Hotel Spa (near Junction 28 of the M1) Sessions include access to the Spa Steam Room, Sauna and Jacuzzi

  2. The Hub Gladstone Buildings in Clay Cross.Complete with its own vintage style Tea Room

  3. Edith Lewis Hall at Weleda Ilkeston

New World Creations - Divinely inspired creations used for healing, meditation and spiritual development. (Show Offer - Free angel message with each sculpture purchase). http://www.newworldcreations.co.uk/

Ocean Spa Therapy - Get your SOLROX ocean spa therapy crystals, salt lamps and stones from Dathan. Learn more about how joint pain, back ache, neck strain, sports injuries and headaches can all be relieved with the healing power of SOLROX crystals.
A simple application that quickly relieves tension and discomfort.  https://www.facebook.com/LoveSolRox www.oceanspatherapy.co.uk

Of The Earth Inspirations - Quality copper wire and crystal handcrafted jewellery and inspirational items. Audrey's of the earth inspirations on Facebook or oftheearth.inspirations@gmail.com

Patricia - Patricia Brooks - Patricia is one of the longest serving clairvoyants in the UK. Originating from the Derby area her worldwide reputation and knowledge of the psychic world goes before her.  Having run two psychic shops in the City of Derby many of her clients will be delighted to not only see her personally for one to one consultations but to hear her speak publicly over the weekend, giving her unique demonstration of clairvoyance on the Saturday. Patricia is back in her home town welcoming clients old and new.

Paul Asquith Acupressure, seated massage Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique similar in principle to acupuncture. It is based on the concept of life energy which flows through the body.

Pauls Natural Foods has a shop within Elsecar Heritage Centre and offers a varied range of healthy and natural foods and traditional remedies. Trained staff available to offer advice and guidance. Special offers across all our ranges. Paul Nugent 07806778101 Rachel Carlton 07752928848

Peppercorn - An emporium of crystals, gifts and jewellery, candles and health food and supplements and organic chocolates. Also information on Crystal Healing Courses


Rick Paul - I am an honest empathic medium who connects with spirit and delivers messages that they want you to hear. rickpaulspiritualmedium.co.uk mediumrick007@gmail.com 07884270348 Facebook Rick Paul spiritual medium/psychic


Ritual - Herbal plants lovingly handgrown using organic methods, free from pesticides. Chosen for fragrance, touch, culinary, ritual and ancient use. Herbs are prized for enriching our wellbeing in a natural form looking back to the old ways and ancient uses. Together with the traditional and more unusual herbs is a complimentary range of handmade herb products. Reigniting the age old usage of herbs with an environmentally friendly ethos


Rose Best - Initially Rose explored and used healing therapies herself, to help her transcend difficult circumstances, her journey helped her gain a deep empathy and  understanding of others, who were also experiencing difficulties. Rose combines her core training in Aromatherapy and Reflexology with Person Centred Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Shamanic and Spiritual Healing,  to give  a unique healing experience. Rose may also use Tarot Cards, Crystals, the sound of the drum to aid and enhance the healing process.

Sanctuary Reflexology - Hand and Feet Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. http://sanctuary reflexology


Seraphina Jewellery - Unique handmade jewellery from Brazil set with semi-precious stones and crystals, tarnish free and hypo-allergenic. www.seraphinajewellery.com


Sheila Earnden – A range of beautiful Buddha’s and Spiritual Goods


Shine with Ali - Shine is a range of unique clothing designed to flatter our beautiful bodies. With added accessories to complement your outfit. Shine with Ali contact Alison Paradiuk 07962530234


Silver Moon Crystals was formed back in 2006 by husband and wife Derek and Janey Hitchcock and is a specialist crystal business, advising on and selling crystals, minerals, fossils and meteorites. From tumblestones to specialist unique specimens, small to large pieces, Derek and Janey can supply and source crystals for the healing of Mind, Body and Soul. Come and have a chat with us for friendly specialist advice. facebook.com/SilverMoonCrystals www.silvermooncrystals,co.uk

Simon Goodfellow – I've been a Spiritual Medium for 18 years, I work closely with my Spirit Guides to give clients guidance, clarity and closure in their lives. All readings are recorded on to a cd, Within the Readings I will use Mediumship, Psychometry & My own Tarot Cards. Dave Harper Events Manager Tel Office: 01302 869051 Mobile: 07894091702 Email: mediumsimon@yahoo.com Website www.simongoodfellow.com

Soul Destiny UK - Dreamlit is a crystal bracelet that you wear while you sleep to aid sleep. Crystal Pyramids and cubes to help with raising a person’s vibration. Colloidal gold/silver in 500ml Bottles, the gold is a natural anti-inflammatory and the silver is a natural antibiotic which also kills viruses. Massage couch for ear candling and a massage machine. Email address is dreamlitsuk@gmail.com Website is www.dreamlits.co.uk


Soul Sisters - We sell beautiful things that nourish the soul from all over the World.

Spirit Earth - Spirit Earth are based in Ripley, Derbyshire and specialise in a large range of Pagan goods including Altar Ware, Athames, Spell Candles and much more. Canvas prints and greeting cards by Anne Stokes, Lisa Parker along with other artists and a large range of Nemesis Now bronzes and statues can also be found. We sell a range of our own spells and over 70 herbs to be used in your own spells. We carry a large range of resin incenses and holders along with incense sticks and cones.

Spirit Earth Books - Spirit Earth Books are specialists in Books, Tarot, Oracle & Spiritual Cards. CD's, DVD's & Greeting cards. They are one of the UK's largest mobile Spiritual Book Stands. SE Books are always happy to order books on request and are at all White Light Event's.

Spiritlight Gallery & Gobannos offers prints of mandalas & spirit animals, oracle decks and greeting cards created by Edwin Courtenay with Andrew's handmade Celtic styled pendants and necklaces. edwin@spiritlightgallery.co.uk & andrew@gobannos.co.uk


Spiritual Creations is an artistic collaboration that produces fine art paintings, limited edition prints and hand finished products such as handmade cards that relate to the artwork. This is a joint venture between Mark Duffin, an Illustrator and artist for 35 years and Gaynor Lawrence, a Reiki Master and life coach.  We sell originals, framed and mounted prints of various sizes and hand made cards, all of these artworks are hand finished with gold or silver leaf and crystals to add a magical layer of lustre and sparkle.

Stephanie King - Unique Books and CD's from Stephanie King

Sue Hudd has also developed her own unique way of “Signature Reading” where she has amazed people with her ability to tell many things about a person’s life, past present and future, just from reading their signature. She also uses numerology from your birth date. As a Clairvoyant Sue can see and predict future events, and she is also a Medium and she can give messages from people who have passed to the other side, which can give comfort to those family and friends who are grieving. http://www.ukclairvoyant.com/about-sue-hudd/

The Angelic Studio - Beautiful Archangel Sprays and Sacred Products all created by professional intuitive Angie Waudby at The Archangel Studio. Email:angelicfragrances@hotmail.co.uk www.thearchangelstudio.com Tel: 01964 670302. Angie Waudby.


The Ascension cards are hand tailored psychic cards which enable our guides or loved ones to communicate personally with us along with a selection of handcrafted boxes, bags, pendulum boards. Trish Povey. 07810573972 theascensioncards.com spiritedwords.co.uk


Tracy Poskitt – I am natural clairvoyant medium. This means that I do readings without using any tools or gimmicks. With over 30 years of professional experience, I have become internationally renowned and I am one of the country's leading genuine Natural psychic clairvoyant/Medium. I cover past, present and future in all areas of your life and give messages from loved ones who are in spirit. http://www.artdw.co.uk/Creative/index.php

Usha Henderson - Usha has a unique massage and teaching skills over 25 years experience, specializing in Reflexology on not just the feet but teaching hand and ear reflexology. Authentic Indian head, neck, shoulders and back massage can last up to six months. Reiki, ear candeling, and pranayama yoga


Wai Cheung works with Heart-Centred professionals who feel stuck in work that Drains the Life out of them. He helps them to find their

Life's Work doing what they love and making a Difference. Wai Cheung info@transformyourworklife.com 07828796473 www.TransformYourWorkLife.com


Woodland Trust - Our vision is a UK rich in woods and trees, enjoyed and valued by everyone. http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk


Zarilove - Zarilove, international wellness company offering retreats, therapies and events. Showcasing the Crystal Light Bed healing system from the famous healer John of God of Brazil. Zarilove (Holistic Healing) https://zarilove.com contact@zarilove.com https://zarilove.com 07738000016 FB zarilove_official Instagram Zarilove_official /