Derby Mind Body Spirit Weekend

12th & 13th March 2022

10am - 5pm Both Days

The Pavilion, Rolls Royce Leisure, Moor Lane, Derby, DE24 9HY

£5 Adult Day Entry - £9 Weekend

£4 Concession Day - £7 Weekend Concession

16 yrs and under free

What's On

We have a large area for talks & workshops, which are free to attend. Just turn up at the time of the talk you wish to attend and find a seat.



Save the hassle of on the door tickets.



All you need to know about the event.

Saturday 12th March

  • 10.30am | Octavian - What is CBD and how you can benefit from using it


The Hemp man shares his wealth of knowledge about the potential health and wellbeing benefits of CBD, a non psycho-active component of the Cannabis Sativa Hemp plant

  • 11.20am | Dave Green - Personality and crystals 

dave green

Ever wondered why certain crystals work better for some people than others? Or why the meaning in a book doesn't resonate with you? In this talk we shall explore the link between crystal vibrations and personality traits - why some crystals attract us and others repel. I shall be demonstrating some mini readings, to show how by knowing this, we can focus on positive change 

  • 12.10pm | Jane Osbourne - Past Life Regression

jane osbourne

Who were you/what symptoms are you carrying from previous lives and how to release them.

  • 1.00pm |   Angie Hallsworth King - Tantra Workshop


Tantra Derbyshire is dedicated to supporting the awakening of all of life’s energy within. What distinguishes Tantra from other spiritual practices is that it also intertwines dynamics of other mystical practices as well, such as: meditation, energy work, Ayurveda, crystals, plus sexual energy. In utilizing these Tantric practices we aim to expand beyond perceived limitations of Yogic and Ayurvedic philosophy into deeper and more connected love filled lives. TANTRA DERBYSHIRE WORKSHOPS HAVE SOME HANDS-ON PRACTICE AND HAS A STRINGENT APPROPRIATE TOUCH POLICY. TALK OF A SEXUAL NATURE IS ALSO INCLUDED.

  • 2.00pm   |   India Jo - Mediumship

india jo

Demonstration of mediumship with the ever popular India Jo.

  • 2.40pm   |   The Wiccan Lady - Magickal Herbalisim

wiccan lady

What herbs and plants do you require in your life right now and what was the reasoning behind village old crones knowing about and using herbs in magic and witchcraft.

  • 3.30pm   |  Vala Stiorra - Find your familiar animal spirit aka fylja


A large part of my psychic ability and readings I give, connect to the norse worldview of seeing your fylja or familiar animal guide. These spirits connect us to our inner nature and help us understand how we connect to the world. You will also find different fyljas connect with you when you need help in life. I will demonstrate with as many of you as possible by giving individual readings using my find your fylja method of reading and giving you the message your familiar is giving you. 

  • 4.20pm   |  Wild Katt


Wildkatt Mystickal Shamaness discusses her renowned hand painted healing drums and work with
Spirit. Demonstrating how her sensitivity enables her to be a human X-ray and auditory / vibration reader. Pinpointing past and present ailments carried in the energy field, before channelling Spirit to heal / offer soul guidance / release blocked emotions, from a place of unconditional love.


Sunday 13th March

  • 10.30am   |  Dave Green - Intuitive symbology in prediction

dave green_edited.jpg

Most people know of the power of symbols in dreams and tarot, but may not realise that it can be used to make anything a psychic tool for readings and prediction. In this workshop we shall explore how you can use this skill for self development and readings

  • 11.20am   |  Vala Stiorra - Basics of witchcraft


Vala Stiorra presents an insight into her journey and witchcraft path. I will introduce you to the basics of modern witchcraft based on the Wiccan practice which is a great place to start. I will start by answering frequently asked questions from beginners like: What are sabbats? What is the pentagram? And most importantly what are we celebrating? And how do I start? I will also show you a simple adjust set up and go into detail regarding the nearest sabbat to the date of the event. Hopefully giving you a great starting point for your own journey.

  • 12.10pm   |  Magikal Echoes - Crystals for psychic protection


What is it we are protecting from, psychic attack, energy vampires, empathy etc. 

How to cleanse energy with crystals, how to protect and heal with crystals.

Other methods to intertwine with crystals also.

  • 1.00pm     |  Patricia - Never say goodbye


A fantastic display of mediumship from the ever popular Patricia Brooks.

  • 1.50pm     |  John Richardson - Feel better fast Hypnotherapy

John Richardson.jpg

Regression: Past Life & Present... And how this simple procedure can change your life forever!

  • 2.40pm     |  Alison Dean - The world of runes

Alison Dean.jpg

Come and join me and choose a Rune that speaks to you, learn its meaning and message that you choose. Then meditate with the rune symbol feel a connection and relaxation. Learn about the runes healing powers, learn about different combinations of bin runes to benefit life.

  • 3.30pm     |  Oraphim - Shungite


Oraphim Silver infused shungite: with the Nobel Prize winning 'Fullerenes C60' shungite stones are detoxing /purifying/Balancing/Empowering, Oraphim will give you knowledge on how this powerful stone is transforming people lives everyday from chronic illnesses to achieving their full potential, Its actually learning about just how amazing you are and how shungite removes any blockages.

  • 4.15pm     |  Share International - A World in Transition

Tree 600x600 logo_edited_edited.jpg

Looking at the world situation in the light of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. The growing realisation that all life is interconnected must make us ask what changes are needed to bring peace and restore health to ourselves and our planet.